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About us

Located in Xiamen, Target Language Translation Services is a large professional translation services provider with a nation-wide marketing network in China. Target Translation Services have quickly risen to the forefront of the translation and localization services since its inception in 2008.And you can talk to us in person if you come to visit our offices in Shanghai,Shenzhen&Xiamen of China. We offer high quality translation services for person and business matters with a quick turnaround time.We have offered the top translators and have recruited thousands of expert linguists.Our Language serivces are available all over the world ensuring no-one is left without quality translation.

Since 2008
Our office are based in China and we are open 7days a week,18hours a day!That means when you require translation service, we are always can help at first time! Target Language Translation Services is your good partner to help translate business documents or even wesbites!Our DTP Indesign for Publishing process is fast but effective and offers a wide variety of language pair serivces. And Trados/Memsource/Memoq etc.,help you to save the cost and the time, and enhance the competitiveness in localization and internationalization for customers to realize their values better.

Target Language Translation are honored to be members of the ATA(American Translators Asssociation),you can count on us to always hold to our promises of delivering accurate high quality translations in the shortest time and the most competitive rates.

Being a member of the American Translators Association is another proof of our efficiency, And our working always speak for us,You can reach us without hesitation and be sure that you will get quality assistance from our proofressional experts translation team!

What makes us one of the best translation Agency in Asia?
There has thousands of hundreds translation companies but one of the best one are just a mere few. It takes years of experience and a multitude of hard work to get to a certain position, It demands rigorous labor and through meticulousness only then does one reach the heights of absolute success. That's how we evolved over time, in order to get the best translation services turn to Target Language Translation, We offer online human translation services for almost all languages in the word. We have professional translators on board who are proficient in Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Thai,Vietnamese,Hindi,Indonesian,Tagalog,French,Spanish,Germany,Russian,Portuguese,and many other languages summing up to 200 major language and pairing of more than 500 languages of the world.

Aprart from quality, efficiency,on-time delivery,expert linguists,proofreading&editing,we offer confidentiality.Which is a most important yet the most neglected feature in a translation company.We sign&seal Contract confidentiality with our clients,Assure our clients that their personal information,translation content and payment information would always remain secure.We keep our intergrity and that of our clients our top most priority.

What you can get from Target Language Translation? 
Competitive prices and no rush rates.Many translation agencies offer very huge discounts on their services but faile to provide high quality content that fit for certification while others are too expensive for common people to indulge themselves into.

Target Language Translation services is available both online and offline,no matter how you get in touch with us!You will get high quality serivces at the most affordable rates a translation company is able to offer.

We offered cheap translation services from and into English at a price as low as 6-8 cents per word.and we provide sworn translation services for any personal document,from any language into Chinese/English, and our translations are done in 24hours or less and are guaranteed to be accepted at Target Language Translation.

With us there is absolutely no kind of rush charge if you need urgent translation because we know how important for our clients.

Clients are our most important assets.
We have 17/7 availablity,low rates,on time and fast delivery,accurate translation services with full privacy.

A happy client is a returning client.A satisfied client is willing to recommend us to their friends.And make sure client happy is our main business.
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