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Accurate Translation
Accurate Translation

In an increasingly global market, people are more connected than ever to the rest of the world and many companies find themselves in need of document translation across multiple languages. 

Translating text preciously is essential to a company’s continued success in expanding its market reach.
However, sometimes it can be a chore to translate certain words, slang, or sayings that just don’t make sense to you as a foreigner. Spelling mistakes within translation look unprofessional and lose companies potential foreign clients. Mistranslation can potentially stifle company growth and profits. 

AT Target Language Translation Services, our professional translation service will be a great way to help you rest assured that your documents and other media will be translated accurately.

Avoid Machine Translation

A smart and modern way of translating foreign language texts is by using online help. There are multiple platforms and dedicated services that can quickly and efficiently help you out, which are hardly infallible and certainly useful in a pinch to translate a few words or phrases.Many people may believe you don’t need a professional translator, you can just use Google Translate. This misconception can easily start a project on the wrong foot.However, online translation programs use simple algorithms to replace a word from one language with its literal translation in another. It has little to no ability to be nuanced or to translate complex phrasing or idioms, which can result in serious errors. Errors can damage brand reputation and cost a company more than a translation service would have cost. Also, depending on the field your business is in, translation errors can potentially harm patients and customers

For this reason, professional translation services are always the better choice, using real humans to bridge the language barrier gap rather than artificial intelligence. AI still has a long way to go since language involves so many nuances and ambiguity that make translating difficult and not so direct.
Accurate Translation
Select a Reputable Translation Service

Choosing the right translation service can make the whole translation process easier. Target Language Translation Services has linguists that can translate into over 100 languages. We specialize in translating documents in the following categories: educational and school, legal, medical, pharmaceutical, technical, and vital records. However, they can handle any of your translation needs. Our linguists are adept at shifting nuanced language, while preserving clarity and complexity with an-in-depth understanding of style and tone, as well as grammatical precision. Our linguists also grasp not only of the languages in use but of your company’s marketing message, unique selling proposition (USP) and target demographic. This will help them achieve the right tone and maintain the nuances of the content that are vital to your overall brand voice.

Identify Your Audience’s Target Language
Different texts have different target audiences and goals to accomplish. This will determine into which language your text should be translated. Once you’ve decided on your target language, consult with your translation team to see if they may need additional information, such as the specific locations you are trying to target. Keep in mind that dialects of a language can vary greatly with geography. For instance, French spoken in Canada’s Quebec province can differ significantly from the French spoken in France because of the anglicisms incorporated into Canadian French. This is especially important to keep in mind for languages with a broad reach such as Spanish and Arabic. Meanwhile the right degree of adaptation is required: some books or texts are meant for younger audiences with proper tone of voice and slang to accompany your language translation, while others might be specialized in certain branches or made for the elderly.

Proper Format 
A translation is nothing without proper formatting. There is a the problem of having too little or too much text once the translation is complete. That’s because many languages vary in word length and formatting often suffers for it. Our linguists will alleviate this by using dedicated software to format the text properly, who are able to make head and tail of what is translated and make it flow naturally. 

Send a Finalized Materials
Don’t send your translation team a draft that’s yet to go through  rounds of revision. Before you send the materials to the linguists, make sure it is final and doesn’t need more reorganizing or input from your team. We recommend asking for a second set of eyes to look it over one last time before you send it to the linguists because once it’s sent, no additional changes should be made. If you have to make any more changes, notify the translation team immediately. 

Accurate Language Translation Editor
A native speaking linguist will offer a “second opinion” of the translation draft, find errors and other types of inaccuracies in an effort to further clarify the document. What's more, the document is combed through and searched for grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors, further solidifying the quality of the translation. Finally, a project manager, who oversees the entire project, will finalize the language translation to deliver an error-free document.

At Target Language Translation Services, the process of translation, editing, and proofreading ensure that the message you want to convey is the one being conveyed. We ensure that all completed translated documents are accurate by thoroughly reviewing all translated documents upon completion. Learn more about our translation process, or get a free quote for translation services.

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