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Government Translation
Government Translation

Government documents have strict compliance regulations and may contain specific legal or administrative terminology. Therefore, it is primary that any translated content and information retains a consistent and accurate messaging across the board. 

At Target Language Translation Services, all services are provided by experienced and fully vetted professional interpreters and linguists, who are able to properly execute multilingual language conversion and breakdown language barriers that disrupt the flow of communication. Target Language Translation Services works with government bodies locally, nationally and internationally in multiple languages across different subject domains to facilitate effective public communications.

As ministries and public-related materials are often confidential, Target Language Translation Services prioritizes security at the required levels with our team. Our language solutions covers a wide spectrum of multilingual requirements, ensuring the job is done properly and accurately.

We build translation memories and create glossaries to leverage non-sensitive past translations for fast, accurate delivery.

Translation projects are managed by an elite team of professionals. Submit a court transcript, pamphlets, records or other government form and receive the translated document fast and within budget.

Advantages in working with us


Target Language Translation Services has combined years of experience between all of our companies. We understand your expectations, needs and how to deliver within a budget.

Meanwhile, our linguists are contracted professionals with years of experience. When an interpretation is scheduled, you can be sure that your linguist has undergone rigorous training and education as well as passed a thorough background check.

Dedicated Team
Government translation services require diligent professionals to produce translated documents with a quick turnaround. Our schedulers are available to find interpreters based on previous experience and the  language(s) you need. Using the most up-to-date technologies, specialized dictionaries and other aids, your linguist will produce government translations that are accurate and that adhere to all confidentiality laws for on-site, telephone and video appointments, when and where you need them. 

Professional Linguists
Our skilled, native-speaking linguists working with public services content are vetted and have cultural knowledge and proven experience in a variety of disciplines with specialization in government and International affairs. They are able to adapt to the cultural norms of the people and community to ensure the use of information and technical terms in messages are translated correctly in a different language. This means your Government translations will be 100% accurate and executed with confidentiality covering all the security angles needed.

Linguists Meeting Strict Criteria
Native speaker of the target language.
Certified experience as a linguist for at least two years.
Relevant translation qualifications in languages and specialist subject matter.
Willingness to take and pass various translation tests; these assessments examine linguistic ability and expertise of subject matter.
Linguists are continually evaluated on all projects and are only considered part of the Target Language Translation Services team after the successful completion of two   live assignments.

Customer Satisfaction
Our customers come first and we strive to delight and ensure customer satisfaction. Our customer care team is here to provide top quality support whenever you may need them. As for confidentiality, we protect your data to ensure it remains safe and confidential at all times.

Types of Government Files
We work for the government in projects from a wide range of subject matters including:
Health and Social Services
International Development
World Climate Changes
Conservation of water, forestry/agro-forestry
Enterprise development
Government white papers
Public Sector Guidelines
International development programs
Government Website
PR & marketing communications

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and tools, we ensure our client’s translation and localization projects are of the highest quality and culturally sensitive. We also provide foreign language services for written and spoken content.
1. Translation Services
Document Translation
Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) for documents
Website Translation and Localization
Video-Audio Transcription – Translation- Voice Over -Subtitles
2. Interpreting Services
Over-the-Phone  Interpretation
On-Site In-Person Interpretation (Simultaneous or Consecutive)

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