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Target Language Translation offers high quality, professional translation services to individuals, companies and organizations. Translation services are a growing need in today’s global economy. In order to be successful in your translation projects, it is essential to work with an experienced partner that provides exceptional quality and customer service. Target Language Translation specializes in providing fast and reliable translation services in Spanish, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Ukrainian, French, Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Hebrew, Hindi, Urdu, Greek, Farsi, Vietnamese, and many more languages. Certified translation services for USCIS are available.

About us

Global Translation

Target Language Translation stands for Global Translation Services. We have earned our name by being an international translation agency with global reach. With native linguists around the world and support of over 500 languages, we have the language expertise you need in every part of the world for every industry.

Human Translation

We use an entirely human translation process, supported by a stringent quality policy. Using advanced CAT (Computer-Aided-Translation) tools and software technology, our workflows are streamlined to translate your texts as quickly and as precisely as possible.

Qualified Translation

At Target Language Translation, the quality of our translate service is our number one concern! The Target Language Translation Quality Management System is compliant with an internationally recognized quality standard and is audited annually by an international certification body. All of our translations are reviewed before delivery to guarantee that you are getting a good translation.

Certified Translation

Our quality assurance system is certified as compliant with the ISO9001-2005 (International Organization for Standardization) quality standard. We offer official certified translation services when they are required for immigration or by other relevant authorities. Many of our linguists are certified by accredited translation organizations. We can also provide court-approved sworn translations for many countries.

We offer:

Translation of legal documents, birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, prenuptial agreements, divorce decrees, legal contracts, and more…

Official translation of academic records: diplomas, university degrees, transcripts, professional certificate, etc.

Certified and notarized translation of background checks, police reports for traveling abroad, and many more.

In-person or over-the-phone interpretation for Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, and many more languages.

Professional voice-over work of many regional accents.

Localization and Globalization services for web site content, banking, finance, real estate, technical manuals, restaurant menus, etc.

Document translation services for medical records.

Whether your goal is to study abroad or to expand your business overseas, we can help you reach your goals.

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