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About Target Language Translation Company's IT Translation

IT Translation

Xiamen Target Language Translation provides comprehensive and flexible outsourcing solutions for our clients’IT translations. We deliver high-quality IT translation services for businesses in the technical sector. Our industry leading IT linguists have the skills and competence to adapt your IT content, systems and software into the appropriate languages for your target market. When you want your manuals, articles, or a particular program to attract a global market, Target Language Translation’s services are at your disposal in over 150 languages. Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project managers increasingly makes Target Language Translation the partner of choice for even the most complex and specialist IT translation needs.

Target Language Translation is a company proud of its attention to detail, and absolute accuracy, in the translation of any type of document, and especially in a field such as IT where precision is of vital importance.

Our High Professional IT Translation Services
Translating texts that deal with information technology, hardware, or software is obviously a task reserved for specialists. Translations in the IT field must be extremely precise. Linguists specializing in this industry can’t leave any room for doubt. The IT sector has clear international dimension and English is ubiquitous.

Industry-specific Terminology for IT Translation

In order to offer quality translation services, we don’t compromise when it comes to choosing ICT translators. They must have proven prior experience and successfully completed IT translation projects. We always assign the same Linguists to clients they have worked with previously to ensure that terminology remains consistent.

IT translations

Professional IT translation Services are Guaranteed!

The quality control process at Target Language Translation ensures that you will only ever be provided with a high quality, accurate IT translation. This process begins with our native linguist, who will be a suitably qualified translator with appropriate experience and/or training in the relevant field.

Once translated, the document will be passed to our Native editor, who will review it in detail, ensuring that the translation reads just as well in the target language as it did in the original.

On completion of the editing, Our native proofreader will make a detailed and meticulous comparison of source and target documents, guaranteeing that the latter will be a completely true and accurate representation of the original version of the text.

Target Language Translation Commitment to Deadlines
As a translation company with long-term relationships with a number of prestigious clients, Target Language Translation fully comprehends the need to meet deadlines, and understands that, in an industry such as IT, these are often tigh, Therefore, on receipt of a document, a project manager will provide the client with a guaranteed date and time for completion of the assignment; the company will be completely reliable in meeting this deadline

Website Translation
As a company with expertise in IT translation, we are perfectly placed to be able to guarantee high-quality website translation, which will, just like our translation of IT-related documents, be carried out by language professionals with appropriate experience in the relevant field.

The solution for all your translation projects:
Websites, e-commerce, intranets, extranets, various applications
Product descriptions
Back office and special content
Video files and e-learning modules
Instructions for use and technical documents
Any file formats (XML, PHP, WML, LaTeX, HTM, HTML, .properties, .po, etc.)
Payment software
And more…

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