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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Interpretation services are needed for different reasons. The most common methods of interpreting are consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation. Below, you will find everything you need to know about consecutive interpretation and its benefits.

Consecutive interpretation is form of verbal communication. It takes place when the person with limited English proficiency speaks, and is followed by the interpreter’s conversion of what was said to the English speaker. During these sessions, there are pauses or breaks between sentences when each party is speaking.  In other words, the interpreter listens then interprets.

Consecutive interpreters listen to what the speaker is saying, and convey the message into another language after the speaker has paused. Typically, the speaker will pause after each complete thought to give the interpreter time to deliver the message. Consecutive interpreters have to be diligent, speedy note takers and be able to swap between both languages throughout the exchange.

Benefits of Consecutive Interpreting
The advantage or benefit of this type of communication is that it allows two or more people to have an uninterrupted conversation. The downside to this method is that the pauses in conversation(when the interpreter interprets what was said) adds to the total length of the conversation. However, a rebuttal to that argument is that in situations where personal or confidential information is discussed, the length of time is necessary to ensure that the LEP person has a full understanding of his/her medical, legal or personal affairs.

Target Language Translation Services can provide consecutive interpreting for a very wide range in a variety of situations such as: medical appointments, local authority tenant discussions, confidential hearings, meetings with solicitor, visits in Social welfare or Revenue Offices, company sales meetings, business presentations and annual summary meetings.

Consecutive Interpretation

Advantages in working with us
Consecutive interpreting works for small gatherings or one-on-one meetings where the conversation allows for pauses to interpret.
Consecutive interpreters are typically the only interpreter present. This means they must be vigilant to interpret accurately and consistently for the entirety of a session.
A consecutive interpreter needs to have a wide range of skills in order to perform their role successfully. Our professional interpreters are specialized in: 
• Fluency in two languages 
• Active listening skills
• Fast-paced analytical abilities 
• Superb short-term memory
• Shorthand or other structured form of note-taking
• Clear diction 
• Cultural awareness

Specialist Knowledge
You also need to ensure your interpreter has sufficient specialist knowledge. For example, if you’re holding a meeting to inform a patient that she has choledocholithiasis. The same applies if you’re going to be using specialist legal terminology, tech terms and so forth. Our professionals have gone through and extensive vetting, interviewing, and hiring process. Our consecutive interpreters have specialist subject knowledge, depending on the nature of the information that they will be working with and have a keen cultural understanding of those they are conveying information to. You can set your mind at rest for your next international meeting with our specialized interpreters.

Industries We Serve
Target Language Translation Services helps businesses and individuals to communicate their messages in the right way using the right language and technology across many sectors.
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