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Multilingual Subtitle ServicesSubtitle Services

Subtitle translation helps increase global engagement with your video content, and with the help of our linguist, engineers, technical specialists, and project managers- we’ll deliver broadcast ready subtitles and captions that successfully communicates your video’s message to your new target audience. Our professional subtitles are highly experienced and specialized in working with a wide range of subtitle formats. We provide affordable, high quality multilingual subtitling and translation services in many different languages and for deaf and hard of hearing viewers. 

Whether you have one video or many that needs to add multilingual subtitles to a variety of content, including business presentations, corporate and educational videos, e-learning courses, feature films, promo videos and many more, we can help. You’ll get an all-inclusive, cost-effective and hassle-free subtitling solution. We work with a global network of professional subtitlers,but you deal directly with us and can trust us to deliver your project to your specifications.

Qualified Services

Our services are guaranteed ISO9001-2005(International Organization for Standardization) qualified services and we also are a member of the ATA(American Translators Association). We insist on every standard implemented and required by these organizations for all our services.

Leave your project to the experts at Target Language Translation Services and you can relax and be assured of getting top-notch results.

Standardized Subtitling Service

Our in-house subtitlers and project managers are equipped with industry-standard subtitling software and will thoroughly check all subtitle files before delivery, so you don’t need to worry.With more than 10 years' experience in the subtitling field you are in safe hands. Rest assured you’ll receive accurately timed and perfectly translated Multilingual subtitles!Whether you are a corporate client or a translation or production company, we’ll adapt to your needs so that you can add video translation services to your portfolio of services.

Professional Subtitling Formats 
Whether you want English or foreign language subtitles, Target Language Translation Services is the ready for you!We can adapt and time your specific translation into subtitle format or create foreign language subtitles in any language from scratch, including English subtitles and SDH (Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing).We offer over 30 formats and you can get the perfect subtitles to suit your needs:

Caption and Graphic Editing
When localizing and translating videos, sometimes you’ll notice that there are several elements that need to be localized. These elements can be on-screen graphics, text and/or captions.

Our professional project managers will review the video or project file and advise which elements would be best subtitled or graphically edited. If you do not have the project files, don't worry; one of our specialized editors will be able to re-create the graphics, captions and titles of your video.

Our specialized editors work with a blend of software in a series of steps: 
1. First, we utilize Photoshop or Illustrator to localize graphics; and After Effects and Final Cut Pro to create motion graphics and visual effects.
2. Once all elements are in the video, and the graphic elements have been created and localized, we can then rebuild the video and export it to whichever format and codec you need. 
3. We’ll prepare your video project for any platform, including PAL, NTSC, VOD, the Internet, smartphones, game consoles, mp3 players and tablets.
With our facilities and highly skilled operators, your videos are in safe hands!

The Subtitling Process
We take the time to comprehend your specific requests, which include everything from linguistic variations to file format and post-production specs within our streamlined low cost, high value for money translation process. To ensure the highest quality, Target Language Translation Services utilizes a 5-step translation process:
1.Assignment--First, the document is assigned to a professional linguist to translate who are carefully chosen for your project based on their background and experience. 
2. Edit--Then, another professional linguist is assigned to edit the translation. 
3.Review--Lastly, an experienced project manager imported the subtitle file onto the subtitling software in order to perform final quality checks and ensure that subtitles do not exceed reading speeds or run over more than two lines. 
4.Quality Check--If the results of the quality checks are not satisfactory, the subtitle file will be sent back to the 
linguist and necessary modification will be requested.
5. Final Check & Send--After all the final checks have finished and expectations have been met, the translated subtitle file is sent over to the customer.
Subtitle Translation
Various Services
We offer subtitle translation and caption services as part of our Video Localization Services. Working for a wide range of industries and purposes, in 100 languages, including the following:

Subtitles for YouTube Videos
If you need subtitles for a YouTube video, we will offer the files that are needed so you can upload them in the platform in as many languages as you require.

Hardcoded Subtitles
If you want the video to be able to be played on any platform with the subtitles, then you may need them to be hardcoded or “burned” on the video. We can also provide that service, sometimes called open caption.

Using Subtitles and Dubbing for your Video Translation
The inclusion of the translated subtitles can be combined with a voice-over in the new language. We offer multilingual voice-over services in 100 languages too!

Changing the language of the Subtitles
Multilingual subtitles for video are a cost-effective alternative to dubbing audio into another language because it takes less time to produce and does not require voice talent or studio editing.

We also work with multiple video formats and different types of applications such as:
• Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
• Web Content
• Instructional How-to videos
• Recorded Seminars and Conferences
• E-Learning and Training Courses
• News and Entertainment Broadcasts
• Interviews
• Commercials
• Films
• Documentaries
• TV shows
• Webcasts
• Tutorials

Difference between Subtitles and Captions

For a subtitler, there is a huge difference between working with Subtitles and Captions. Captions and subtitles are often utilized interchangeably, but they’re designed for two different purposes and will have a significant influence on how your audience engages with your video. Our professional project managers partner with you to find the right option for your project.


Subtitles are a text alternative for the spoken dialogue of characters and narrators in a video. At Target Language Translation Services, our subtitling service is most commonly utilized to translate spoken dialogue for audiences who speak a different language. In this case, the viewers can hear the sound and audio track as it was intended, and still understand the dialogue by reading the subtitles in their own language. Subtitle translation is an effective, affordable way to reach a global audience.


Captions, on the other hand, are typically in the same language as the audio. In addition to providing a text version of the dialogue, they include other relevant parts of the soundtrack, like background noises, music, and other audio cues that need to be described. Captioning is typically used for deaf or hard of hearing audiences or in situations where audio can’t be played. In these cases, viewers need more description and audio cues to understand the story.

Many subtitling and translation companies will charge a fee not only for creating subtitles in the source language, but will also charge a re-subtitling fee on top of translation when working with subtitle translation. At Target Language Translation Services, our mission is to improve accessibility by encouraging the wider spread adoption of subtitling services across the globe. For this reason, when we provide foreign subtitles, we only charge once for the subtitling aspect, significantly reducing translation costs for our clients.

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