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Desktop PublishingTranslation 
Desktop PublishingTranslation

Desktop Publishing (DTP) translation paraphrase graphics and other visual documents for numerous languages. Unlike a regular text file, translating something like an advertising poster, a set of blueprints or a multilingual website design demands a more technical method to translation.

Your content needs to be comprehended without mistakes by users worldwide and only expert linguists can guarantee to correctly convey its meaning. At Target Language Translation Services, through our internal software localization department, use state of the art technology, a proprietary TMS system and CAT tools, DTS has the capacity to handle large, complex and short-deadline IT projects into all languages.

Basic Steps

•  Initial conversation with customer to decide who end users are, what overall goals of project are, and discover additional localization avenues.
•  Analysis of the material received and evaluation of the tools and resources required for localization
•  Cultural, technical and linguistic assessment
•  Creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries
•  Translation to the target language
•  Adaptation of the user interface, including resizing of forms and dialogs, as required
•  Localization of graphics, scripts or other media containing visible text, symbols, etc.
•  Compilation and build of the localized files for testing
•  Linguistic and functional quality assurance
•  Project delivery

At Target Language Translation Services, you don't have to handle translated content yourself, your desktop publishing team will be able to inform you when issues like text expansion or contraction are going to affect your designs, allowing you to make these considerations before it is too late. They will also be able to advise you on issues like font choice, which can be problematic when you are working with multiple languages. 

A team of desktop publishing experts will translate your content directly within the original file and save translated versions in the exact same format. So, if you send over Adobe Illustrator files, your content will be translated, saved and sent back to you in Abode Illustrator files. You do not have to do anything and there’s no room left for translation mishaps.

Qualified Services

Desktop Publishing


Our on-time delivery rate is over 95%. You won’t have to worry if your translation will be late or full of errors. You can rely on our proven reliability.


We know you are in tight time. All quote requests are sent back within 24 hours. Most are sent back the same business day.

For over 12 years we’ve been delivering precise, certified translations. We’ve completed over a 100,000 translation projects and that number grows every day.

Desktop Translation Professional Teams
Having our designers in-house provides us with absolute control over quality and the delivery time schedule. Furthermore, our designers are able to communicate with our project managers seamlessly and in real time, exchanging ideas and feedback about any given project.

Our desktop publishers are trained in the translation process and work hand-in-hand with linguists, editors and proofreaders to ensure that the final product reflects the most precise and up-to-date version of the text.

A pivotal element of the desktop publisher’s function is to evaluate every project visually to ensure it is acceptable from a cultural point of view. Certain graphics and color choices may be offensive in some cultures and need to be adapted to the local market. Design can also carry some grammatical implications, as certain countries use characters and punctuation variously.

Our desktop publishing teams specialize in the fast turnaround of high-quality documentation and graphic localization projects.

Various Desktop Publishing Services
Target Language Translation Services' DTP teams have the experience required to produce professional-quality localized documentation in any format, including: 
Adobe Acrobat – PDF
Adobe Flash
Adobe FrameMaker
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Corel Draw
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Word
Pages for Mac

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