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Over the Phone Interpreting

Phone Interpreting

Audio Conference Solutions - Telephone Interpreting in 200+ Languages
Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) is a service that falls under the Remote Interpreting Services that some translation and interpretation companies offer to different organizations. Instead of interpreting face-to-face, a phone interpreter, as the term implies, is available to provide language services over the phone. The interpreter may be in another room in the same building or any location. Most over-the-phone interpretation services handle more than 200 languages. 

Many over-the-phone interpreters are experts in different subject matters.
Several industry sectors deal with people with limited English proficiency (LEP), particularly in the medical and legal industries. The government mandates that medical and healthcare facilities receiving funding from the government should provide language access to the LEP patients they serve. One of the services they should provide is over-the-phone interpretation or on-demand interpretation.
Over-the-phone interpreters help many sectors, as they are:
• Available 24/7
• Expert linguists and native speakers
• Cost-effective
• Trusted translation partners
• Certified for specific requirements

• Available worldwide

Over the Phone Interpreting

What can an over-the-phone interpreter do for you?
One of the basic requirements of LEP patients is to understand what the other person is saying in his language, which is why many legal firms, as well as healthcare and medical facilities, use interpreters to help their clients. Miscommunication can quickly occur when people talking to one another do not share a common language.Phone interpreting has many applications. Clients can employ the service in different settings.

As a language access service provider, a phone interpreter has several primary responsibilities:
1. Understanding the ideas that they hear for the first time and translate them instantly into the target language, completely and accurately. They follow the intent and style of the speaker.
2. They provide cultural frameworks to promote understanding between the two parties belonging to different cultures.
3. Depending on the contract and requirements, they may travel to different locations.
4. They maintain the confidentiality of healthcare or personal issues or any other information they encounter on the job.
5. Phone interpreters record and compile daily interpreting services, and prepare timecards or vouchers, depending on client requests.
6. They are professional linguists. Most of them are certified and experts in different subject matters and terminology that allow them to work in the healthcare and medical field, in law and legal firms, business, finance, and other sectors.
7. They are cultural experts as well, and capable of communicating with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Over-the-phone interpreters work with very little supervision. They are flexible, adept at customer/client service, and have excellent interpersonal skills.
8. Over-the-phone interpreters have excellent communication skills and exceptional listening skills.
9. People with LEP need assistance in many ways, therefore an OPI service is effective in scheduling appointments, registrations, reminders, and billing, and collection. OPI helps in emergencies, short contacts with people who do not speak English, and for short meetings between two parties.
10.When a live interpreter is not present, an over-the-phone interpreter is one of the better alternatives.

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We provide support around the clock with Over-the-Phone Interpretation services using the latest technology tailored to your needs and existing equipment settings.  The entire Target Language Translation Service team is dedicated to building a long-lasting business partnership. We strive to offer the most cost-effective rates in the industry while providing quality services, flexibility, and support that your staff and clients can depend on.
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