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Sworn Translation 
Sworn Translation

Sworn translation is a type of professional translation that varies from normal translation services. It is an authorized translation service, utilized to translate legal documents or certificates, which includes birth certificates, university degrees, academic records, certificates of incorporation, statutes and other official documents.A document translated by a sworn linguist is printed. A sworn translation contains details like where and when the linguist translated the work and in what language pairs. Sworn linguists also endorse the documents they translate with their signature and seal. This means that the responsibility for the translation of documents lies with linguists authorized by the notary. This endorsement grants the document an official, formal status and a legal value that is equivalent to the original document.

Sworn Translation Process
1.You can scan or take a picture of your materials and send it to us!
2. We will email you an invoice with a quote to make the payment with you.
3. Once ready, we will email you the complete translation for your approval.  
4. Once approved, the translation can be simply printed out and used and/or the hard copy can also be mailed.

Advantages in working with Target Language Translation
Professional Sworn Translations
We are devoted and passionate about what we do. We have built an experienced team of in-house linguists, editors and proofreaders. We assign the most relevant linguist for translations tasks requested by our clients, considering the language pair and area of expertise. Completed translation projects are reviewed by a native editor before delivery, to achieve the optimum quality and fluency in the target language. 

Real-time Access to the Project's Progress
We provide all of our customers with private access to our client portal, which is integrated with the translation management system. Our customers can send new requests through this portal and track details of on-going and completed projects. Upon request, we also share volumes of translations works, payments, total number of requests and other details with our clients for specified periods.

Security: a top priority  
We take the security and confidentiality of personal data very seriously, and so do our suppliers. Sworn linguists are therefore subject to the same confidentiality rules as all professionals in this area. They retain working files for just a few months after the delivery of a certified translation, after which time they must be destroyed.  
Essential Check  

It is vital to note that a sworn translation may not have the same legal value in all countries. A translation that is accepted in one country may very well not be valid in another.

To avoid potentially unnecessary procedures, we strongly recommend contacting the legal authorities from the country in question before requesting a sworn translation. Our team of account managers are also glad to work with you to determine the type of translation needed for your situation. 

A document's legal validity will depend on the agreements in place between the country of origin  and the destination country. A sworn translation follows a special process and, consequently, lead times may be longer in comparison to a standard translation. That’s why we offer around-the-clock service, so you can receive a quote and launch your project almost immediately.

Reasonable Prices

In the industry, we usually assume that sworn and technical linguists possess the highest level of expertise. Furthermore, a sworn linguist cannot be careless when working! Sworn linguists need to have a thorough understanding, of both the terminology and phrasing, of the languages they translate into. They agree to abide by precise rules, and to be bound by an ethical code. In some countries, sworn linguists take an oath in court before they are officially recognized.

As a result, sworn translations are normally more costly than normal translation services. However, if you need it, it’s worth every extra penny! And we don't have rush charge or higher rate for projects to be done during the weekend or festival holidays. We charge the same flat fee for any language pairs.
Do remember that there are many highly skilled, professional, unsworn linguists working in the industry! We would advise that you check whether a sworn translation is required. If not, using professional translator, ideally with legal experience, may be more cost-effective.

Translation Process
We follow our standard workflow process for all translation requests from our customers. We can briefly summarize the process from receipt of the request to delivery of the translation as follows:
1. Translation Request
2. Price Offer and Approval
3. Task delegation
4. Translation
5. Editorial Checks
6. Checks by the Proofreader
7. DTP Check
8. Delivery

What We Provide
- Birth certificates 
- Marriage certificates 
- Divorce certificates 
- Death certificates 
- Adoption certificates 
- Police clearance certificates
- High school diplomas 
- College diplomas 
- Medical records 
- Driver licenses 
- Passports 
- Certificates of incorporation 
- Bylaws 
- Bank letters or statements 
- Court letters 
- Power of attorney 
- Affidavits 
- Public deeds 
- Contracts and agreements 
- Child support documents 
- Summons 
- Papers 
- Dissertations 
- Journals 
- Invoices 
- Proposals 
- Manifests
-Bills of lading 
-Meeting minutes 
-Patent applications 
-Power point presentations 
-Press releases 
-Product proposals 
-Tax returns 
-Text messages 
and many more ...

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