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Human resources translation
Human resources translation

Keeping employees informed through precise, up-to-date information about company policies, training and other helpful and necessary materials and managing employee performance and compliance by human resources personnel is essential to every organization, which can only be done if company documents are available in the language of the employee. Language barriers, however, can pose a challenge for companies that operate in multiple countries or that have multinational employees.

In either case, human resources translation services from Target Language Translation Services guarantee that both the language and the cultural elements involved in your communication will be accurate and clear. We provide translation and language interpretation services for human resources departments. We make it easy to schedule appointments and request services in 200 languages.

Importance of Human Resources Translation

While ensuring that all of your internal documents are legally compliant with laws worldwide, which will be the main purpose of translating human resources content, there are other benefits from enhancing company-wide communication.

Employees who see you making an effort to speak to them in ways that are comfortable to them will help them build loyalty to the brand. The same goes for employees who more clearly comprehend the values and intentions of a business.

Clearer communication allows all members of a team to feel more engaged and more a part of the whole. More engagement assists with employee retention and subsequently, with attracting better talent in the future. Happy employees lead to more satisfied employees, which leads to the attracting of better employees. Happier employees are more loyal and less likely to leave for small pay raises.
Handbook translation
Do You Provide an Employee Handbook Translation Service?
Yes, handbook translation services, including specialized employee handbook translation is one of the many types of translations we provide, along with offerings such as contract translation, agreement contracts translation, general contract translation, internal communication translation, and everything else you would expect from comprehensive human resources translation services.

Just as with all our other services, you can get started with an employee handbook translation quickly and easily.
Does Translation for Human Resources Require a Trained Human Translator?
Any effective human resources translation services must utilize a trained human translator for the vast bulk of their offerings. Translation for human resources can be delicate and needs special attention. Contract translation, for example, cannot afford even minor mistakes.

If you decide to translate information that goes out to employees or the public without understanding the area's cultural or political details, there is a high probability of inadvertently offending your audience or appearing unprofessional due to a mistranslation—this is a widespread occurrence.

Should Human Resources Translate to Spanish All Documentation and Literature?
This is a common question in many American states where a growing number of employees working for companies utilize English as a second language and may not be able to fully comprehend many important messages or memos. Miscommunications are the foundation of most major problems in a company.

In these cases, it is recommended that companies translate human resources relevant documents such as contract translation, agreement contracts translation, general contract translation, internal communication translation, etc. to Spanish whenever possible. A handbook of Spanish and English translation policies would also be legally advisable for companies with employees that have English as a second language. This same logic applies to any major languages spoken amongst your employees.

Why Should I Use Professional Translators for HR?
HR translations, as we have mentioned many times on this page, require a delicate touch. The cultural nuances of a language can dramatically shift the meaning or understanding of a key phrase. Misunderstandings like this are why HR departments often need to exist.

By working with professional translators who understand the unique challenges of communicating in the business world, you are able to void many of the mistakes and miscommunications that make life harder for HR reps. You will usually save yourself both time and money when you work with professional translators.
Human resources translation
Address the Concerns of All Employees More Effectively with Target Language Translation Services 
Multilingual Target Language
Cohesion is pivotal when functioning within a multinational corporation. Keeping everyone on the same page is sometimes easier said than done. To achieve reliable human resources translation services, we can provide human resources translation services in over 200 languages from translations of employee handbooks to training videos, which means you can have one point of contact for every HR translation project, which saves you time and money and guarantees precise internal and external communication.

Professional Human Resources Translation Services

When it comes to personnel issues, mistakes can be both costly and emotionally devastating to those involved. No matter the difficulty or sensitivity of the topic, we are here to support you.

Our experts specialize in crafting legally compliant content for you to disseminate amongst your company, who are also well-versed to assist you with a wide range of translation requirements for various mediums.
At Target Language Translation Services, you can rest assured all your content is correctly written and checked for grammatical and cultural accuracy to meet your tight deadline.

Various Human Resources Translation Services
Prepare for training sessions, compliance meetings and other mandatory events with the following HR services:
• Workplace safety documents
• Employee manuals and benefits plans
• Insurance documents
• Contracts
• Corporate Website Localization
• Private and public offerings
• Employee Handbooks
• Time-off Request Forms
• Job Applications
• Compliance Documents
• OSHA Training Materials
• Annual Review Evaluation Forms
On-Site Interpretation
• Employee Orientation
• Employee Training Programs and Videos
• Meetings
• Interviews
Additional Services
• Telephone Interpretation
• Video Remote Interpretation

At Target Language Translation Services, we make it easy to schedule appointments and request services in 200 languages. We pair your project with a skilled expert in the target language to ensure the utmost level of accuracy in translation. Training programs, handbooks, manuals, and other human resources materials can be translated for employees overseas or for a team of employees based in your country. 

What’s more, you can choose multilingual desktop publishing translation for added convenience.  We’ll either work within your document, retaining your original layout, or create a new, professional design that is ready for press.
Compliance Documents Translation
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