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Architectural Translation


Architectural Translation

Architecture is not limited to any domain, it's everywhere. Be it art, be it the construction of buildings, bridges, or be it designing of machines and equipment, all of this and more belongs to architecture.

When you are renovating your house but experiencing problems in understanding the documents prepared by your architect because of the language barrier, you need a team of professionals to translate your documents.

Target Language Translation is professional in architectural documentation to offer leading architectural translation services. If your goal is to find the best professional architectural translation agency, look no further. Our architectural translation teams work with mother-tongue familiarity in more than 200 language combinations. Around the world, we build teams that live and work in your target territory, have native understanding of the culture youre working in and know the local building regulations inside out. Working with local building regulations, electricians, plumbers and structural engineers, we produce drawings, specifications and mechanical/electrical layouts that fit to local requirements.


Importance of architectural translation in construction translation services

Architectural translation services are greatly needed to convey precise and complete content to the workers. There are numerous incidences where a construction site has a French engineer working with Italian workers and an American manager. Such situations are quite common when it comes to the construction of ships, airplanes, bridges, railway lines, etc. Therefore, the demand for the architectural translation services is huge. As the need for translation for the construction niche includes many drawings hence, construction translation is counted as a part of architectural translation services. The precision and the quality of the translated documents and drawings are the uttermost things to make sure before hiring any brand for such kind of translation.

Architectural Translation 

Why choose us

Professional architectural translators

Our translators are qualified, native speakers with competence over target and source languages, experienced construction professionals working in the relevant field. We work with architects, regulations officers, civil and structural engineers and building services managers to create technically perfect translations. We dont just use industry-specific terminology: we understand it. Our expert architectural translation teams are made up of professionals with the qualifications to draw up your plans in the target language, and the familiarity with local planning and regulations you need to get them passed, together with a hands-on familiarity with the bureaucracy of local planning and regulations.

Qualified architectural translation

With Target Language Translation, you are guaranteed high quality, extreme speed and helpful customer services all at once.

As a translation agency, Target Language Translation provides architectural translation in various language pairs including Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, German and Japanese, etc. We are also able to preserve the format of your document upon your request including .xlsx, .docx, PDF, etc.

It is easy for you to hire our services. You can connect with our project managers to discuss your projects, hire our services, get more details on our services, know more about discount deals and offers, and also for getting ideas on estimates regarding project completion and rates.

We understand your urgent requirements and thus offer the same day, one day, and 24 hours translation services without compromising on the precision.

Architectural DTP design

Our multilingual DTP design team has the know-how to create your artwork files into read-to-print PDF files in more than 200 language combinations for planning applications, tenders, technical diagrams, international competitions, building plans, etc. We can handle any artwork format, including Indesign, Quark express, Frame maker etc, while we can also create artwork files from scratch according to your requirements.


What we provide

Our translators hold enormous expertise in translating any/all types of documents which revolve around the construction or designing of buildings and other structures in rural and urban environments as following:


Landscape Design


Urban Design & Redevelopment

Copyright in Architecture

Materials & Supply

Architectural History

Interior Design & Publications

Zero Energy Buildings


Construction & Project Management

Sustainable Development

Architectural Engineering Specifications

Building Regulations & Building Codes

And more ...


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