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Bidding Translation

Bidding Translation

For over 10 years Target Language Translation Services has translated thousands of bidding documents for domestic and foreign organizations. We have a certified history of successful tender translation projects executed in various sectors of the economy, aiming at different markets. We guarantee that the document translation services of your tender or bidding process, executed by our translation team will reflect accurately the dedication of your original documents at reasonable prices.  Our technical translation procedures are designed to give you the best chance of winning the bid – both in terms of technical content and localised style for the specific market.

Advantages in working with us

Precise Services

We provide a precise service at a fraction of the cost, which will extract pertinent information regarding the technicalities of the bid, timings and anything else the client feels is of importance before commencing the time-consuming and often costly process of tendering. Target Language Translation Services' translation services stand out because they are natural, since they are not read as translations, but as documents that are thought out and written organically for the target context.

Professional Linguists

Our human linguists are native speakers and writers of the target language and the texts they translate reflect the style and tone of the original, considering the type of translation, specific context and even the intonation and intention of the text as much as possible. Knowing the local culture is crucial when translating bidding related documents successfully, which is why our linguists specialize in this area. Our linguists investigate each destination thoroughly to ensure that the most relevant local idiosyncratic elements are reflected in the language used in the translation.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

Document confidentiality is very vital. It helps you have more competitive advantages than other bidders and become a successful bidder. We undertake to keep all translated bidding documents confidential in accordance with our confidentiality regulations. We will stand side by side with you to achieve success.

Various bidding services

Target Language Translation Services has accurately translated a lot of significant bidding documents for many bidders in different fields such as:

Construction Engineering

Bridge and Road Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Civil Engineering, Electronics


Information Technology

Hydroelectric Engineering

Health, Banking, etc.

We are proud that we have contributed to success of many domestic and foreign bidders.

Bidding Translation

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