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Chemical Translation Service

Chemical Translation Service

The chemical industry is an important economic sector which experienced an increase in growth recently. Buying translations can be especially tricky for corporations that operate in sectors that produce highly technical and specialized products, such as the chemicals industry, where wrong utilization of terms can have catastrophic consequences. When translating for you, our qualified chemical experts understand that industry knowledge is as vital as language expertise. Our specialist translations for the chemicals sector bring together mother tongue speakers with qualified specialists to create localized translations. Meanwhile, our experience partnering with global clients in the chemical manufacturing sector for over ten years, translating content such as datasheets, patents, website material and corporate communications,etc.

Advantages in working with us

Professional linguists

As with any other sector, the chemical industry has specific terminology. It is important that plastic product ingredients, health and safety information, manuals and manufacturing process instructions translate precisely into the target language. At Target Language Translation Service, our certified and expert linguists ensure that all the complex terms of these documents for the chemical industry are translated accurately so as to preserve the original meaning and context. We have a large team of experienced chemical translators and material science subject matter experts who excel in translating chemical documentation with accuracy and speed. Many of our linguists are chemists and material scientists who are intimately familiar with chemical terms and phrases such as compound names and International Chemical Identifier codes.

Qualified translation services

One of our dedicated project managers will take care of your projects from start to finish, ensuring that the project will be delivered on time and within budget. Close contact and dialogue with our clients is important to us. By employing best-in-class localization processes and modern online translation management solutions we strive to deliver the most precise chemical translations with efficiency and scale. We also leverage the best of machine-human capabilities to deliver the desired results. We put at their disposal a cloud based Translation Management System, where any amendments are fed directly into the Translation Memory and are even available to the translation team in real time. The result: a gradual decrease in the number of changes required, freeing up their valuable time. Meanwhile, we not only translate your content; we also have a process for ensuring terminology is locked so that it’s translated in exactly the same way every time. This goes not only for technical terminology but also for product names and corporate terminology.

Review process

Our client (a global chemical manufacturer) decided to implement a process where their local staff signed off all the translations. In order to ensure maximum efficiency in this process, Urgent projects in different time zones. Global companies can have project requestors all over the world, as is the case with our client, so we implemented a portal for urgent projects: this progresses projects directly to pre-selected translators, meaning that their dedicated Account Manager doesn’t have to be in the office and that urgent projects are not delayed.

File formats

In order to ensure that documents are returned in the same format with no extra work needed at the client’s end, there has to be a process for handling this type of work. Our file engineer has established fixed settings for our client’s files within our translation management system, meaning no delays or extra work for the client. Likewise, it is key that there is a process for recreating scans as editable documents as patents are often received in this format, and it is also critical they are processed using Translation Memory technology.


We understand how vital it is to treat client information and documents confidentially. Our linguistics all sign confidentiality agreements and we are also happy to sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients when required.

Chemical Translation Service

Translation Services We Provide

• SDSs, MSDSs, eSDSs

• Exposure scenarios

• Dossiers

• Chemical Safety Reports

• Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs) – Labels

• Any document related to chemicals and the legislation of chemicals.

• Materials Science Translations

• Plastics Manufacturing

• Life Sciences Chemicals Translated Right

• Agricultural Chemicals Translation

• Chemical Engineering

• Petrochemical Translation Services

Our petrochemical translation services also cover the following:

• Olefin production manual translations

• Aromatics manufacturing process localization

• Fluid catalytic cracking training translation

• Catalytic reforming guides localization

• Multilingual natural gas processing plants SOPs

• Steam cracking eLearning translations

• Catalytic reforming technique localization

• Synthesis gas packaging translation

• Methane and methanol document translation

Chemical Translation Service

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