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Document Translation Services

Document Translation

We provide high quality document translation services for any types, kinds, or formats of documents. Target Language Translation Services have all the manpower to render professional document translation services with accurate quality and high-end precision at competitive rates. The handwritten text also accepted. We do image translation, pdf translation, digital translation or any other file formats. Just send them to us and we will take care of the rest! We translate them with accurately, precisely, and with high quality.

Our services are guaranteed ISO9001-2005(International Organization for Standardization) qualified services and we also are proud to be a member of the ATA(American Translators Association).We insist on every standard implemented and required by these organizations for all our services.

Advantages in working with us
1.We translate any kind of document,in any format, from and into just about any language. 

If you need for certified translation, we can help with too.

2.We are available 17/7
We are not machine,so we don't say we work with 24 hours per day! We work from 7:00a.m-23:59p.m.GMT+8,Beijing time.We are working during the weekend. Our Project Managers are ready to answer any of your questions or to give you a free quote, and they are just a click away,by wechat/skype/Phone or email.

3.High quality translations
Target Language Translation Services only provide high quality translaton for all clients. We support the best translation rates you will find in your country. We don't have rush charge or higher rate for projects to be done during the weekend or festival holidays. We charge the same flat fee for any language pairs.

For any need document translation services
We accept all documents in any format, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, INDD, document translation, pdf translation, image and digital translation, and a lot more. Aside from document translations, we also cater to various translation services such as:

·  General translation
·  Certified translation
·  Software translation
·  Website translation
·  Localization Services
·  Subtitling Services
·  Proofreading services
·  DTP services
·  Multilingual SEO
·  and a lot more

Target Language Translation Services will cater to any document translation and other translation services for various fields, industries including the following:

·  Business
·  E-commerce
·  Education
·  IT
·  Marketing
·  Industrial
·  Technical
·  Legal
·  Medical
·  Financial
·  Media Communication
·  Telecommunications
·  Websites

Our agency support: Professional Qualification, Accreditation, High Accuracy and affordable competitive rates.

Industry-Related Document
Our linguists are native speakers who have lived and worked in various countries around the world. In addition, they have experience within the industries that they translate for. For instance, when a translator performs a medical document translation, that translator will possess actual medical experience. The same holds true for a legal document translation as well as marketing, government and others. Just a few of the document types we frequently translate include:
·  Marketing collateral and advertising pieces
·  Financial documents including bank statements, business plans and annual reports.
·  Human resources materials including policy manuals.
·  Legal documents such as contracts, and court and witness transcripts.
·  Medical documents such as medical articles, hospital forms and patient records.
·  Instructions, manuals and users guides.
·  Presentations
·  Translation of PDF files
·  Proposals
·  Emails
·  Scripts
·  Forms and surveys
·  Editing & Proofreading of Document

For some reasons, previously translated documents may require attention. We offer optional editing and proofreading services for just such occasions.

Editing  – If the original source of a translated document has changed or has been updated or if localization is required, editing services are the perfect solution. For example, a document originally translated into Spanish for use in Chile may require editing in order to localize it for use in Spain as well.

Proofreading  – A second pair of eyes is always helpful. Whether you hire us to review documents provided by another translator or include this option when Target LanguageTranslation performs your document translations, proofreading is an excellent quality practice in translation. Proofreading is especially needed on lengthy projects that require multiple translators, to correct errors that occurred due to reformatting, ensure a consistent tone and flow in your documents, rectify inconsistencies and more. For example, a complex manual may require more than one translator. Once the document translation has been completed, a native-speaking proofreader will review the entire manual before returning it to you. Through a combination of both services, you can rest assured of 100% accuracy and conformity with the original document.

Desktop Publishing Services
After the document translation, our graphic designers will take care of all the formatting. You can keep the same format or we are very willing to adjust the design to fit the space and graphic requirements of the new language. You receive a finished files that’s ready for use and is in your preferred file format.

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