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E-learning Translation

E-learning Translation

Take a look around you and me. Since the introduction of Internet, the earth suddenly became like a village.E-learning consists of utilizing technology (especially, internet-based technology) to access an educational curriculum. E-learning takes education beyond the traditional classroom, allowing flexible, 
self-paced and comfortable learning paths. It’s ideal to train employees, as well as to continue one’s education.Whether your focus is educating and orienting a global workforce or delivering on-demand research and collaboration, Target Language Translation Services has the expert knowledge and proven experience to help you make the most of your global learning and training programs. We provide fast turnaround times, unparalleled accuracy and timely customer support, with a proven track record of delivering projects on-time and on-budget.

Our e-Learning Localization Services
To engage more learners, broaden reach and enhance efficiency with eLearning courses, training and reference resources can be translated into multiple languages. Target Language Translation Services works with various mediums and file formats to provide a precise localization of your eLearning material.

Our experience translating and localizing eLearning courses include:
Web-based training
CBT (Computer Based Training)
CBI (Computer Based Instruction)
Multimedia elements (video/audio), including video subtitles & multilingual voice over
Graphics and desktop publishing
User Interfaces
Online help
Course documentation
Certification and assessment programs
Classroom-based instructional material
Training and certification programs
On-screen Text Translation
Script Translation
Localizing XML and Flash Content Subtitling Services
Formatting, typesetting and QA testing in source format (including Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Lectora and others)

Our e-Learning Localization Workflow
File Analysis and Assessment
We analyze the material we’ll translate, its characteristics and target audience, and we start working on translation guidelines and project-specific goals.
Master Glossary Creation
We compose a list of key terminology drawn from the source documents that will be translated during the course of the project. If we’ll be working with several target language, we’ll compose a list per language.
Glossary Approval
We submit the glossary/glossaries for your approval.
Extraction From Source Files
Industry standard tools are used to isolate text strings from the source code of each file.

Advantages in working with us
1.Professional Linguists
The eLearning localization group of Target Language Translation Services has years of experience localizing complex eLearning projects. Our team includes expert linguists, desktop publishing and typesetting specialists, voiceover talent, and project managers experienced in providing multilingual eLearning localization services. We have subject matter expertise in dozens of fields including engineering, marketing, finance, and IT. Whether you need to translate a course module or localize a virtual learning environment (VLE), our team delivers consistent, high quality content across a wide range of eLearning formats and applications.

2.Available 17/7
We are not machine, so we don't say we work with 24 hours per day! We work from 7:00a.m-23:59p.m.GMT+8,Beijing time. We are working during the weekend, too. Our Project Managers are ready to answer any of your questions or to give you a free quote, and they are just a click away, by wechat/skype/Phone or email.

3.High quality translations
Target Language Translation Services only provide high quality translation for all clients. We support the best translation rates you will find in your country. We understand each training course and module is different and specific to the client. Target Language Translation’s team of experienced project managers, linguists, voiceover talents and technical experts will ensure all eLearning courses and modules are analyzed efficiently, translated and localized accurately, and delivered on-time and on-budget. We don't 
have rush charge or higher rate for projects to be done during the weekend or festival holidays. We charge the same flat fee for any language pairs.

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