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Electricity Translation

Electricity Translation

Electrical Engineering sector has been booming recently and isn’t confined to boundaries. Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline concerned with the study, design and application of equipment, devices and systems. Electrical engineering can also include electronic engineering, which is seen as including small-scale electronic systems including computers and integrated circuits, where as electrical engineering involves large-scale electrical systems such as power transmission and motor control. For these reasons, you need a translation agency that understands the sector inside-out. Here at Target Language Translation Service, we take enormous care to recruit only highly qualified linguists who also have a deep understanding of their sectors. From robots to rocket control, our linguists understand the march of ICT and eco-design, about sustainable procurement, about electrical waste, recycling, WEEE collection and about resource efficiency.

Why Choose Us

Target Language Translation Service has a specialized team which comprises of electrical experts associated with global enterprises. The experts we work with are not only fluent in terms of language, but also sustain technical expertise.

Fresh-Thinking Cooperator

You’ll benefit from our Fresh-Thinking Partnerships and other technical solutions which include savings through custom-building APIs and timescale reductions of three months thanks to CAD-trained translators.

Personal and Scalable Service

We’ll assign a named account manager, project manager and designated linguists to your projects to make sure you enjoy first-class customer care at all times.

Putting Quality First

We take enormous care to recruit first-class linguists with knowledge of electronic and electrical equipment, and apply rigorous project management to ensure flawless and high quality results.  We also guarantee short turnarounds and on-time delivery at competitive rates.

Electricity Translation

Translation Process

At Target Language Translation Service, we provide diversified services as per your requirements. Our consistent efforts in offering top notch services has earned us to cater special fields also. We have 5 easy steps for Translation.

1. File and Content Evaluation

2. Resource Allocation

3. Translation

4. Translation Review / Proofreading and Editing

5. After completing this entire process, document will be delivered to customers

Electricity Translation

Types of electrical contents we can offer

•Technical Documentation

•Commercial Agreements and Protocols

•IP and Confidentiality

•Licensing and Distribution Agreements

•Risk Management and Compliance

•Bid and Tender Collateral

•Quality-Assurance Manuals

•Operations Manuals

•Commercial Agreements and Protocols

•Legal Documents and Correspondence

•Electrical and electronics System

•Signal Processing

•Satellite Control Power System

•Power Surges and Blacko

•Plant Fabrication

•Lighting and Wiring Systems

•Deployment of Electrical Systems


•Electrical Engineering

•Manufacturing Design

•Patents&Patent application

•Quality Assurance Manuals

•Electronic Components

•Digital Electronic

•Electronic Waste

•R&D Products

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