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Food Translation

Food Translation

The food industry is one of the most regulated sectors in the business world because food product quality has a direct impact on people’s lives. When it comes to distributing your food and beverage products in global markets, effective, targeted communication is essential when it comes to complying with standards, meeting customer expectations and satisfying the demands of business partners.

The food and beverage industry is going through major global transformations as customers increasingly pay more attention to the quality of food they eat for health, ethical, and wellness reasons. Organic, natural, and plant-based food and beverages that are free of saturated fats, artificial coloring, preservatives, and GMOs (genetically modified food) are becoming the global tendency. This is why food companies must translate a variety of content related to these subjects in order to most effectively communicate with international food sellers, distributors, partners, and regulatory authorities. Target Language Translation Service has a specialized team of professional linguists who will make sure you’re speaking the language of your audiences and give you every chance of success with your exports.

Food Translation

Advantages in working with us

Multilingual Translation

Target Language Translation Service offers high quality food and beverage translation services between English and French, English and German, English and Chinese, and English and Italian, as well as 100 other languages. We’ve developed language specific food terminology glossaries for each language pair to guarantee the best linguistic precision and consistency for all of your food and beverage localization needs.

Terminology Management Solutions

Target Language Translation Service has developed one of the language industry’s leading cloud-based terminology management platforms with profound experience, best practices, and technology solutions to help our customers develop and maintain terminology glossaries so translating food and beverage products can become much more efficient, while preserving linguistic precision and consistency.

Qualified Translation Services

With native-speaking and degree-educated language specialists plus linguists specially selected for your translation projects based on their food and drink knowledge and experience, Target Language Translation Service is fully qualified and accredited to offer you swift, accurate and culturally sound food and beverage industry translations. Meanwhile, we take a three-pronged approach to guarantee the accuracy of your food and drink translations, no matter at what stage of the food chain your organization operates.

From a single page to complete campaigns; online, offline or broadcasting materials; internal, scientific or consumer facing, join the hundreds of food and drink companies that entrust their food and beverage industry translations to us.

Food Translation

Various translation types

At Target Language Translation Service our professional, quality-guaranteed work involves:

• Animal feed labeling translations

• Bakery and pastry packaging translations

• Beer crate and label translations

• Confectionery bag translations

• Dairy packaging translations

• Fish processing document translations

• Fruit and vegetables shipping translations

• Meat packaging translations

• Distilled alcoholic drink/liqor bottling and labeling translations

• Mill and starch products translations

• Oils and fats labeling and ingredients translations

• Mineral water and soft drinks purity translations

• Wholesale distribution forms and waybill translations

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