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Foreign Trade Translation

Foreign Trade Translation

Overseas expansion, mergers and international trade are common strategies for companies looking to increase their revenue and client base. This step can lead to quantifiable business success, making your product or service available to entirely new markets, however it comes with many challenges such as dealing with differences in legal systems and language barriers. We buy and sell products in international markets, and these markets consist of languages and cultures different from our own. International trade can also provide many challenges in international markets.

The preparation of documents, for example, requires special attention and professional assistance. Although you may be proficient in the language of your new partner’s country, hiring a certified translation service will still be necessary.

Foreign Trade Translation

Benefits of Foreign Trade Translation

Implementing an international trade strategy is an ongoing process, as it is any business strategies that we implement to develop our businesses. All these big marketing departments started with one or two people thinking about how to launch a product abroad.

This process involves a certain amount of risk that a company must face to launch a product in a foreign market.

However, certified linguists who specialize in business, marketing and law can reduce this risk and increase the chances of success of an international trade strategy by

--reducing the risk of an international trade strategy.

--offering native knowledge about the market that you want to target.

--handling with intercultural factors that may differ between your culture and the new culture that you want to target.

--avoiding misunderstandings during negotiations and business meetings to quickly reach an agreement speeding up the international trade process.

Foreign Trade Translation

What we provide

Although you should consult a specialist who will advise you on the specific issues related to your case, there are certain types of documents which every business looking to trade internationally will come across. It is worth noting that your legislation and the laws of the partner country will vary. Accordingly, this will affect what documents should be translated.

Each border zone will have special requirements, which will also affect which document needs to be translated and which does not. Below you will find a basic list of documents that require translation if you want to enter the international market:

Financial Documents

Government Documents

Marketing Collateral



Certificates of origin

International import certificates

Delivery verification certificates

Landing certificates

Inspection certificates

Health and safety certificates

Audit documents

Import/export declarations contracts

Operational documentation/invoices/product packaging/reports/waybills/loans

Translation of commercial documents for international trade is a very complex area that requires specific, specialized translators. As already mentioned, just one slip up as seemingly tiny as a comma can change the meaning of a document. Therefore, when you look for a linguist, you should not turn to the first person you come across, but to an experienced professional you can trust.

Target Language Translation Service only works with these kind of trustworthy linguists, and they have the perfect linguist to help you with your international expansion. Get in touch for more information or a free, no-obligation quote today.

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