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Immigration Translation Services

Immigration Translation Services

The immigration process is now far easier than how it was some 100 years ago. The application process is made very fast thanks to the internet. Various means of transportation, like the planes, boats, and cars also contribute to the process. Many more individuals now require immigration translation services due to increase in the rate of immigration from one country to another. With our fast, accurate and high quality immigration translation services, we become your gateway to a new life abroad!In order to benefit from our tailor-made solutions for translation of your immigration documents, you can request a free quote and contact us for any questions you may have.

Why is the translation of immigration documents important?

Translation of immigration documents, which is a subcategory of official document/paperwork translation, is a field of translation that must be carried out with the utmost care. Although each country has its own immigration procedure, the translation of the requested documents should be correct and the documents must be submitted in time.

A translation by a translator who simply knows the source and target language is not recognized for the translation of immigration documents. Documents translated by sworn translators must be approved by a notary. Some countries even require an apostille in addition to a sworn translation. Apart from all this, there may even be a need in some cases for interpretation services for your immigration applications.

Why choose us for Immigration documents tranlsation?

Immigration Translation

100% accurate and high quality immigration translation

At Target Language Translation Services, we offer accurate translation in all languages through our linguists experienced in the translation of immigration documents!

Quality service at affordable prices
Target Language Translation Services only provides high quality translation of immigration documents for all clients for affordable prices. Our services are guaranteed ISO9001-2005(International Organization for Standardization qualified services) and we are also proud to be a member of the ATA(American Translators Association), too. Come see us now for reasonable rates.

We Work Around The Clock
We are available around the clock, and we also have linguists available around the clock. Your translation project never sleeps; we never stop working for the translation that you have asked of us. We are here to make sure that you get the translation that you require without wasting time, waiting for us to deliver the translation. Our Project Managers are ready to answer any of your questions or give you a free quote, and they are just a click away, by wechat/skype/Phone or email. 

Languages available for translation
We have over 120 languages on our roster. We are also available to retrieve linguists if you have any far-off languages that you need to get your content translated from. We are here to conduct your translations with our native speaking linguists who are thoroughly qualified in translation and are more than capable of translating the content that you would like to get translated.

Notary and apostille in immigration translation
Documents required by the consulate may vary. We offer sworn translations, notarized translations and apostille services for all immigration documents requested from you!Projects delivered straight to your address, delivery of urgent translations.In addition to our fleet immigration translation services, we deliver wet-signed documents straight to your address!

Various Immigration Translation Services
We are here to make sure that you get a translation ready to be used wherever you need . You will find that our translation will clear any and all offices that it is submitted to without any problems or issues. Our experienced teams can translate all your personal documents that you may have:
Translation of birth certificates
Translation of marriage certificates and divorce rulings
Translation of health certificates
Translation of diplomas, certificates, certificates of equivalence, transcripts
Translation of legal documents
Translation of survey reports or appraiser's statements
Business translation for contracts and agreements
Translation of bank account books

Furthermore, we don’t have any special charges for urgent deliveries. If you need something done urgently, we’ll do that for sure, no questions asked.
Never forget that the challenges in life can be met only by making the right decisions, therefore, choose wisely.

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