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Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation

International business and other cross-border activities are proliferating enormously. The possibilities - leveraged by technology - seem limited only by imagination.But enterprises operating globally come with a big challenge. They're founded on legal documents accepted by the national and local legal authorities of the countries they operate in. And if problems arise, such as disputes between partners of different nationalities, additional legal documents must be prepared and translated into one or even several different languages. The accuracy and appropriateness of the language used - and the degree to which it dovetails with the target country's legal language and system - can mean the difference between international collaborations that run smoothly and those that hit potentially disastrous roadblocks.

Each country's legal authorities - whether they be courts, registry offices, ministries, or executive agencies and departments - operate under their own widely varying and time-honored laws, rules, and procedures that aren't flexible or forgiving of errors. They're either followed, or they're not - and running afoul of them can lead to serious setbacks for a business trying to establish itself, create a partnership, or resolve a problem. And this "right or wrong" standard definitely applies to the quality of document translation.

The legal world is built on detail. Modern legal translation services have to cover multiple languages, thousands of documents, and variables ranging from site restrictions to tight filing deadlines.
Target Language Translation is the trusted partner for legal localization services. Our comprehensive solutions for various complex legal matters can be tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Receive timely and accurate legal documents translated by expert translators in a wide-range of areas.

Timeliness, reliability and attention to detail

Our Legal Translation Services:
Energy & Utilities
Health Care
Intellectual Property & Technology
International Law & Policy
Mergers & Acquisitions
Real Estate
Trademark & Copyright

Trusts & Estates

Cross-border activities requiring Legal Translations examples
These are some of the common international ventures that require translated legal documents:
• Starting a business
• Creating partnerships between companies
• Contracts of sale and purchase of products and services
• Hiring foreign professionals
• Relocating employees across borders
Initiating or responding to lawsuits filed in foreign courts
• Filing cases in international courts based in New York and China
• Translating evidence collected for cases
• Finalizing  international business deals
• Buying land and regulating land use
• Applying for business activities in other countries
• Constructing production facilities and other buildings infrastructure in foreign countries

Risks brought by poor-quality legal translation
• Another party challenges an issue in a translated document - and only then do you realize your translated document is of poor quality. A judge orders a new, better translation you have to pay for - often along with rush fees.
• Court or agency penalties and fines
• Judges and other legal professionals viewing you and your case negatively
• Increased costs for attorneys and other professionals
• Document sections being dismissed by judges (such as one complaint in a lawsuit), weakening the case.
• Delays in proceeding with or finalizing needed action - resulting in possible lost opportunities
• Loss of confidence by partners, courts, and agencies that could stack the deck against you
• Interpretation of contract wording that disfavors you
• Mischaracterization of facts

• Loss of reputation, compromising your business's success

The Quality of Our Translations
Our experience, standards, and credentials mean you can trust Target Language Translation for impeccable-quality translations of your legal documents. Target Language Translation is accredited by the American Translation Association - one of the translation industry's most respected and recognized credentials.Our legal translators are experts in their field, as well as native speakers, and are able to provide legal document translation of all sorts. We’ve provided translations of: real estate contracts, professional contracts, licenses, patents and trademarks, lawsuits and court proceedings, foreign identification and visa documentation, confidentiality agreements. 

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