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Literary Translation

Literary Translation

Literary translation is the translation of all forms of literature that may require a creative approach – plays, poetry, fiction and non-fiction novels, short stories, poems, songs, rhymes, and literary articles. Translating literature requires a more artistic, poetic finesse when communicating aesthetics, rather than an informative approach.

This creates considerable challenges in translating them into another language. But Target Language Translation Service, has always thrived on challenges and continuing with our mission to provide the most comprehensive language translation services on one platform we have included literary translations in our repertoire.

Advantages in working with us

Professional linguists

Providing a literary translation of the highest quality requires the most talented and creative linguists. Works of literature are written in an eloquent and vivid prose which makes translating them both a meticulous and an artistic task. Our literary translation team is made up of specialized language translation experts with strong foundation in world literature and substantial practical experience, who are able to capture the color, emotion and style of the author to guarantee the true spirit of the work travels seamlessly through the chosen language.

Meanwhile, we keep adding new literary linguists to our team and can provide high quality translations of novels, poems, plays, scripts etc. for a large number of language pairs.

Qualified translation service

At Target Language Translation Service, we appreciate the delicacy of literary translation project and the fact that a literary work might lose a lot in translation. This is why we have a system of accounts team and project managers who are highly proficient and understand the significance of commissioning the right people with the right skills to ensure assignments are a stunning success. A project manager is also assigned to oversee the entire process and ensures quality, confidentiality and trust is maintained at all times.

Moreover we draw our talent from the whole world and our bid management system is managed by a sophisticated program that ensures the best document translation rates for every literary translation project.

Keeping Author’s Style

An author’s style is often his or her trademark. When it comes to literary translation, some authors fear their style will be sacrificed in order to deliver a readable copy of their work to foreign language speakers. At Target Language Translation Service, we provide high-quality literature translation. When we perform a professional literary translation, we retain the unique tone and original message of your work. Translating literary works is an art form in and of itself, and we take great care to employ specialists who are capable of understanding the complicated nature of literature translation. We work with great care to maintain the same literary concepts and effects that you put forth in your work.

You deserve the peace of mind that your particular literary style will not be forfeited in the translation process. Maintaining your personal style and vision is part our language solution services.

Ensured security

Your creative works and business communications mean everything to us so we guarantee that  they are kept safe. Target Language Translation Service achieves full certification for its data security systems in accordance with ISO9001 the international standard. Many agencies claim to work to this standard but the people and systems at Target Language Translation Service have been independently inspected and verified to show that data security controls are in place and are robust.

Literary Translation

Various translation service

For over a decade, Target Language Translation Service provides the most accurate translations of:

Movie scripts

Poetry & songs


Magazines & journals

Books (novels, non-fiction, etc.)




short stories


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