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Localization Services

Localization Services

Language access is more than transactional. It is not the mere exchanging of words, much as one would exchange one currency for another. There are a science and an art to a great translation of the written word. It’s no wonder that, according to research, companies that invest in translation are more likely to expand into new markets, develop greater customer loyalty, and increase their revenue.

Target Language Translation Services searches the world for the finest linguists to add to our team. The fruit of this search shows up in our 98.5 percent customer satisfaction rate over thousands of projects handled each year. We can easily translate any type of content to help grow your business, increase efficiency, and strengthen compliance.

Why You Need Professional Localization Services?
Content localization is integral to adaptation of a product for a specific market. Content localization comprises UA documentation, which is about printed documentation, help files, and online content. Content can be the actual pieces of a software product or an online product by itself.

Simply translating from one language to another may not always fully convey the intended meaning and context. Translation done by inexperienced translators often ignores the nuances of specific dialects, which may result in confusing or unprofessional text. While, machine translations are often completely off the mark producing text that will ultimately be unusable. Professional localization services are very important for expanding to new countries and international marketing efforts.
Localization Translation
When To Use Localization Services?
If you have made a move to expand your products and service into many other regions of the world, localization of your products, website content, and services become important. We translate any kind of materials, in any format, from and into just about any language. If you need certified translation, we can help with too. This is where using localization services becomes necessary:
• Business: marketing resources, product information, customer communication, corporate communications for global offices
• Employee materials: employee manuals, training materials
• Technology: E-books & E-learning platforms, online applications & mobile apps, user manuals software,
• Entertainment: video games localization, mobile app localization, multimedia content (audio, graphic, & video Components)
• Document translation: letters, forms, emails, and other correspondence
• Complex documentation: technical manuals, online content, CMS output, marketing collateral, and HR policies and procedures
• Websites: HTML, ASP, Scripts, Java-based apps, database-driven interfaces, quick ref guides, web proxy (multilingual web solutions)
• Multimedia: Flash engineering, voiceover, impact movies
• Training materials: tutorials, templates, eLearning applications, ERP
• Software: GUI, database content, portable/handheld devices, web applications, business process systems
• Help systems: WinHelp, HTML Help, WebHelp, JavaHelp, Oracle Help, FlashHelp, AppleHelp, proprietary systems
• Health care: vital documents, discharge instructions, notices of eligibility, patient forms
• Financial services: loan documents, contracts, mortgage papers, financial applications, account statements, credit reports,
• Insurance: claims forms, policy information, accident reports
• Government: notices of rights, consent forms, complaints, letters requiring response, applications, public outreach
Localization Translation Services

How It Works

How Does The Localization Process Works?
Upload Your Content
Register and upload your file. Select the language/s you need a translation for. Then select a turnaround time for order completion.
Content analyzing

We will analyze your content, examining and highlighting all the aspects that need language and cultural adaptation.

Translation Process

As soon as you submit your order, any content submitted will be passed through 3 steps:
The project is translated by our professional linguists.An editor adopts the translated content to ensure accuracy within all elements and context.A project manager checks the project and confirms that all localized aspects are consistent.

Localization Testing
Localized application or website translation are carefully checked and qualified to ensure the highest linguistic and functional quality.


Choose the best way you can receive translated content - simply download your localized files or set it to preview automatically and relaunch your product.

Receive Your Document
You are notified when the translated file is ready. Pay and receive the translated documents by email or download it from your account.

Advantages in working with us
Professional Linguists
As we look for the best experts in different fields, we cooperate with linguists from various countries. All of them pass specific tests before they become a part of our team, and you can be sure that your linguist will have a relevant degree to meet all your requirements and expectations. Meanwhile, each project is translated, copyedited, and proofread by at least two linguists

High Quality Translations 
Target Language Translation Services has an exceptional overall knowledge base for translation across various media including print, web, and video. We adapt to each project by considering its intended use and shelf-life and strive to eliminate workflow inefficiency, emphasize consistency and produce high quality translations across projects. 

Fleet Translation Delivery
Quality is always our top priority, which can take some time to achieve as well. Target Language Translation Services delivers a machine translation of the large-scale websites within minutes or a high-quality human translation within a few days at maximum.We perform human translation of page content up to 10,000 words within 5 business days. To estimate the time spent on translating larger content, please contact us. We will find a solution to provide you with professional translation in optimal terms.Our Project Managers are ready to answer any of your questions or to give you a free quote, and they are just a click away, by wechat/skype/Phone or email.

Flexible Pricing Policy
Our goal is to deliver excellent service to our customers. We have never missed a release or go-live date. Our on-time delivery rate is 99.9%. Contact your Project Manager to get the best price offer.

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