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Manual Translations

Manual Translations

Manual Translations are a fundamental element for any product manufacturing company, which offer instructions step-wise on how the users should operate and maintain the product. The users who use this manual can range from untrained users to highly educated people. However, irrespective of the person reading the article, the instructions must be clear and precise, using the correct terminologies.

As an ISO9001-2005 certified agency, Target Language Translation Service provides high quality user manual translation services for a variety of technical systems and engineering products such as industrial machines, vehicles, computer peripherals, electronics, home appliances, and software applications. We have the linguistic resources, localization best practices, and modern language technologies to deliver the best user guide and instruction manual translations on-time and on budget. Our large team of highly experienced professional linguists and subject matter experts are specially trained in technical writing in their respective native languages, allowing Target Language Translation Service to consistently deliver high quality language translations for all major industry fields.

Advantages in working with us

Professional linguists

For every project, we choose top manual linguist teams specifically tailored to translate your subject matter. This is vital, as many manual translations are highly technical in nature and require the use of industry-specific nomenclature. All of our manual linguists have access to translation memories, dictionaries and proprietary lists of industry terms, ensuring that the translation is both precise and consistent across even the largest projects. Whether you want a neutral translation, or a translation tailored according to the culture in which the targeted language is spoken, we have the expert who can get it done for you.


All Target Language Translation Services' linguists are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement. Target Language Translation Services takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All translations remain confidential. Our linguists are sensitive to the nature of this industry and fully respect privileged documentation and information.

Qualified Translation Services

For the translation to be the best, then the most important thing we take care of is the use of the correct terminology at the correct places. Our linguists look after this aspect and also make sure that the smaller nuances of the manual are not lost during the translation. The language and the terminologies in the industry keeps involving from time to time. Out linguists are that well versed with the language and the terminologies that they will deliver an error-free manual after translation.

As a fast growing and professional translation agency, we deal with a large variety of manuals and the main success of the company lies in the satisfaction of the users. We provide the best service possible at the most affordable rates. We deliver you the translated version based on the requirements given to us.

Various Manual Formats

Target Language Translation Service provides specialized translation services for user manuals authored in Microsoft Word, InDesign, PowerPoint, FrameMaker, HTML and other technical writing tools. Our translation technology is able to automatically extract text, graphics, and illustrations from your document files before leveraging existing translation memory to offer you the most efficient translation execution and competitive service. Target Language Translation Service innovative user manual translation solutions also allow our linguists to dynamically view the target text in-context within the original layout to achieve the highest level of linguistic precision. We have experience translating user guides developed using single source publishing and conditional text in order to output localized documents for a variety of product configurations.

Manual Translations

Some of the topics that we deal with are:

    Construction Manuals

    Electronic Manuals

    Engineering Specifications

    Health Manuals

    Operating Manuals

    Software Manuals

    Safety Manuals

    Technical Manuals

    Employee Manuals

    Policy Manuals

So if any one of you out there require any help in manual translations, then we are here , just a call away to provide you with all that you need at affordable rates and with great customer satisfaction.


Organizations and fields for which we have produced manual translations include:

    Business organizations

    Government organizations

    Manufacturing companies

    Engineering companies


    Research centers and more


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