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Media, Publishing & Entertainment Translation

Media, Publishing & Entertainment Translation

The media, publishing & entertainment landscape is developing rapidly and requires highly creative and customized services, so it is vital to cooperate with a global translation services partner that can work seamlessly with the latest multimedia technologies and platforms while providing speedy turnarounds to meet tight deadlines. Whether you need dubbing for a movie, version for a script or interpreters for a daily news event, Target Language Translation Services offers precise language services that take your content global. We understand that subtitling a video or localizing an app requires not only technical precision, but also highly creative and customized services. With a international offices & a network of linguists worldwide, Target Language Translation Services is able to provide high quality, end-to-end language services that turn language barriers into opportunities.

• Subtitling
• Voiceovers & Dubbing
• Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)
• Interpretation
• Document Translation
• Software & App Localization
• Website Localization
• Multimedia Localization

• Multimedia & Studio Services

Target Language Translation adapts and localizes multimedia content in over 180 languages and dialects. We offer end-to-end global translation services for localizing TV broadcasts, streaming content, films, video games, apps, and documents large and small. Our full suite of multimedia services includes multilingual voiceovers, desktop publishing, subtitling, video editing and audio engineering. Our language services include on-site interpretation, rush translations, foreign news and media outlet monitoring, and script translation and localization.
• Television
• Film
• Advertising
• Digital and Print Media
• Websites
• Streaming
• Live Broadcast
• Software & Apps

Advantages in working with us

Visibility and Flexibility of Publications
The publishing industry is evolving, nowadays the digital age still has been changing our reading experience. Visibility and adaptability have become the norm that determine the success of your digital publications, and Target Language Translation Services is able to make your project more popular by adapting it to various formats and adapting it to smartphones and tablets as well as electronic readers. Our Desktop Publishing experts, together with highly specialized linguists, are  all ready to handle more linguistically complex projects where our professional language tools are fully used, such as texts that involves universal languages and even RTL languages (right to left).

Technical Supervision 
We ensure that our localization and translation services provide you with a decisive competitive advantage, offering creativity, precision , and a continuous, comprehensive, effective and personalized translation that ensures optimal performance with updates and bug fixes. To achieve this, we have implemented an integrated workflow that combines the power of automatic translation with the knowledge and intuition of human touch to provide the highest quality project in a highly efficient way. We are a localization team with technical knowledge and use only the latest translation technologies and the most innovative tools available to deliver a flawless product that translates perfectly on different devices.

Effective Translation and Localization
Target Language Translation Services leverages a highly-specialized team of native media linguists, localization experts, project managers, and designers, who have rich experience in transforming your content into a personalized message. You can receive translations with a keen eye on cultural sensitivities, so your words reach the right ears, the right way.

Professional Translation Process

Once you enter our highly efficient online ordering system, your translation will run through an integrated workflow that combines the power of automated translation with the expertise and intuition of the human touch.

Your content will be translated perfectly on different devices with the expertise of native media linguists and the latest translation technologies. 

Our Services include:
• Voice-Over & Dubbing
• Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)
• Mobile & Video Game
• Press Release
• Hard / soft news article translation
• Social media translation
• Questions and answer translation
• Mobile apps & game translation
• EBook Conversion
• Multimedia Localization
• Will & Trust
• Interpretation
• Document Translation
• Software & App Localization
• Website Localization

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