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Mutual Recognition of Driver's Licenses between China and France

Aug 17, 2021

Mutual Recognition of Driver's Licenses between China and France

By Target Language Translation Services | Updated: 2021-8-17 16:00

Mutual Recognition of Driver's Licenses between China and France

China and France will allow holders of valid driver's licenses issued by either country to drive directly or obtain driving permits without having to take additional tests.

To facilitate driving in each other's countries, and to further promote economic and trade cooperation and personnel exchanges, the two countries signed an agreement allowing mutual recognition of driver's licenses in February 2017.

The deal will come into effect on Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

According to a statement issued by the transportation management bureau of the Ministry of Public Security on Monday, the two sides will mutually recognize driver's licenses for medium-sized passenger cars, trucks, small private cars and motorcycles if citizens from one country enter and stay in the other country for less than one year.

Chinese citizens who stay in France less than one year can drive directly with their Chinese driver's licenses and translated copies, and French citizens who temporarily live in China can present their licenses for temporary Chinese driving permits by providing their French licenses and interpreted copies.

Further, Chinese and French citizens who are staying in each other's countries for more than a year must present their original driver's licenses and translated copies, along with their passports, visas or residence certificates. In this case, the licenses that will be mutually recognized are for small cars and motorcycles.

For international students, both countries will give equal preferential policies. Chinese students can directly drive with their Chinese licenses and their translated copies when working and studying in France. French students in China need to present their licenses to obtain permits before driving.

The mutual recognition of driver's licenses will directly benefit people who are traveling, studying, working and visiting relatives in the two countries, the statement said. The measures would also promote bilateral cooperation in the sectors of police affairs, economy and trade, culture and personnel exchanges, it said.

The bureau has urged local transportation management departments to optimize service in the registration centers, examine relevant materials, standardize law enforcement and make sure the work is carried out in a law-based, convenient and efficient manner.

According to the bureau, the ministry would work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to further expand the scope of the mutual recognition of driver's licenses between China and other countries and regions.

China already has mutual driver's license recognition arrangements with the United Arab Emirates and Belgium and signed a similar agreement with Serbia in May.



This article is reprinted from China Daily.

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