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Public Sector Translation
Public Sector Translation

As with any other sector, public sector transcription necessitates a broad understanding of the needs and linguistic specifics of the relevant services, including the specific vocabulary used by certain areas of the sector, such as legal or medical transcription. This is most easily completed by human transcribers, rather than an audio-to-text machine transcription service, as in those cases, nuances will certainly get lost in translation.

Context is as important as content when it comes to public sector transcription and our expert team has the linguistic and sector-relevant knowledge to complete work to the highest standards, based on their extensive local government experience. The aim of our public sector translation services is not only to produce a clearly-written, accurate transcription but also to give clients an easily understood document at the end of the process.

Target Language Translation Services provide high quality public sector translation services for any types, kinds, or formats of documents. We have all the manpower to render professional public sector translation services with accurate quality and high-end precision at competitive rates. The handwritten text also accepted. We do image translation, pdf translation, digital translation or any other file formats. Just send them to us and we will take care of the rest! We translate them with accuracy, preciseness, and with high quality.

What is public sector transcription?

Transcription services within the public sector cover a wide range of areas, from accident reports and general notes for emergency services like the fire department, NHS, and the police force, to correspondence and meeting or interview notes for local authorities. This sector requires a significant amount of transcription work, not only for the sheer volume of documents the public sector generates but as a way of saving public sector workers time and resources. Our expert team can type up the copy from handwritten notes and amend or restyle existing documents to fit in with your local authority’s desktop publishing templates.

Target Language Translation public sector transcription services team can also type up minutes or full reports from audio recordings of conferences or meetings, creating a comprehensive document of what was said, and by whom. At Target Language Translation, we understand the value of confidentiality as well as efficiency, and ensure that our work is not only accurate, but also discreet and mindful when it comes to any sensitive information which needs to be put across in our transcriptions.

We have been fortunate enough to offer expert public sector transcriptions across almost every part of the sector and we make sure that any task requiring specialised knowledge will only be taken on by a transcriber with those linguistic or sector-specific specialities. The work we do provides significant benefits to local councils, courts and police, health services, housing providers and local government, and we promise nothing but the best transcription services for our public sector clients

Public Sector Quality Promise

We understand that budgets are tight, that requests arise unexpectedly, and that you may be required to cater to an audience of whom you are not entirely convinced. We pledge to listen carefully to your brief, draw on our experience to provide guidance and provide an efficient and effective, comprehensive solution, however demanding your request.We are committed to providing a consistent level of quality in all our client engagements.Our staff members follow well-established business processes so we can communicate clearly, deliver on time and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Public Sector Translation Services Provided
• Application forms
• Welcome brochures
• Tourism guides
• Leaflets
• Multilingual website content
• Presentation slides and notes
• Infographics
• Customer service information
• Posters
• Correspondence
• Provision of interpreters
• Presidential visit documentation
• Tenancy agreements

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