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Security Translation

Security Translation

The need for sensitivity from your translation team is imperative. Target Language Translation Service offers secured translation services which gives confidence to you about retaining your information and the content given for translation.

We guarantee the security of the materials offered to us. It is obvious sometimes that the content given to us for translation will be of high priority and it needs to be secured.

As a service provider it becomes a challenging task to retain the confidentiality of the content and information of our clients. We as an experienced translation company in the industry offer professional secure translation services that give more satisfaction to our clients.

In order to offer secure translation services we have a large team used to working in this sector. In addition to our understanding of defense and security language and jargon, we are also used to putting in place special security arrangements when appropriate, including specific secure translation tools for handling sensitive documents.  

Security Translation

Advantages in working with us

Confidentiality Guaranteed

When it comes to secure document translation services, confidentiality is crucial. All the major files and documents that customers and clients needed for translation has to be secured in its processing especially for legal and police documents. Professional linguists and language experts will maintain their confidentiality in terms of restricting third-party involvement in the project, and deleting all the data and information stored in their software after the translation service.

Expertise in Translations

Our linguistics are very aware of the security obligations that need to be in the work process. We have further make sure regularly that our team consists of linguistics who have comprehended the security requirements and they are specialists who can handle sensitive work with better technical understanding and confidentiality in corporate, commercial law, litigation, HR translations, etc.

Qualified translation services

It is highly imperative to give the confidence and guarantee our clients that we work in a secured zone, therefore however be the complex or simple the project materials you give us, we retain it securely and get the translation done with highest quality and precision on time by providing:

--full-service translation supported by expert legal/linguists

--experts in translating structured notes for banks

--certified legal opinion of translations by lawyer-linguists

--client-specific translation memory and terminology databases

--multi-stage QA process critically compares source and target texts to eliminate mistakes and resolve inconsistencies

Security Translation

What types of translation services we offer

• Manuals

• Emails

• Transcriptions

• Tenders

• Political documents

• Specifications

• Websites

• Software

• Training materials

• Operating manuals

As one of the experienced secure translation agencies we also provide other types of services which include transcription, and localization.

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