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Short turnarounds 
Customers often ask us about expected translation times. Although there is no simple answer to the question of how long a translation will take, we will give you an idea of the time we need at Target Language Translation Services to provide you with a top-quality translation. Below, you will find some information about the translation of documents of different lengths

Timelines for the delivery of translations depend on several factors:
Source to Target Tone--Tones can be hard to translate across cultural borders. 
No Direct Equivalents of Translated Words or Phrases--Along these same lines as tone, some words and phrases do not have equivalents in the target language. Linguists must figure out a way to convey the message indirectly while maintaining accuracy.

Unusual Pairing of Source Language & Target Language--If you need an uncommon translation, like from Thai to Arabic, it will be more complex to find a qualified linguist. Furthermore, fewer linguists usually mean slower turnaround times.
Standard Translation vs Technical Translation-- The difference between the two will not only affect what kind of linguist you should hire but also the speed of delivery. A technical or specialized translation requires a linguist with industry knowledge and extensive experience in the technical field, which is more than demanding standard translation.

Proofreading & Revisions--which will most likely affect the cost as well as extend the turnaround time.

Formatting--The complexity of the formatting may also factor into determining the turnaround time for your translation.

Quality of Source Text-- The better the source text, the better the translation will be. The clearer the ideas, the quicker the translation turnaround time.

Translation Turnaround Time
One linguist can translate an average of 2,000 words per day. In addition, we have to allow time for project management, proofreading, and email exchanges. The details of time needed for a writing order are as following:.

Short documents
(500 – 5,000 words)
We generally translate 1,500 – 2,000 words a day. With every project, large or small, we carry out a quality control check to ensure that the document does not contain any mistakes, omissions, or inaccuracies and that the formatting has been preserved. The earlier we receive your document, the better. Rushing is the worst enemy of quality, which is always our main concern.

Medium-sized documents
(5,000 – 10,000 words)
When time is short on our end, documents ranging from 5,000 – 10,000 words may need to be split between several translators, although this is not an optimal solution. In a case like this, where we need to have several linguists work on the same file, we use special software tools (CAT Tools) to ensure consistency. It is reasonable to expect the translation of a 5,000-word text within 4 business days and the translation of a 10,000-word document within 7 business days.

Extensive documents
(10,000 words or more)
Given our geographical distribution over several continents, we can complete large translation projects by working in teams. Once you have approved a project with us, your project coordinator will source the translation to the most qualified translator available. If possible, we’ll collaborate with a linguist located in a time zone that will allow us to work while you sleep. This comprehensive approach using close collaboration enables us to deliver superior results.


If you need your materials back more quickly, you can request rush timing to accelerate your turnaround time. Your order will be placed at the very front of the assigned associate's cue and processed ahead of previous orders.For ≤8,000 words, rush turnaround 2~3 days. Smaller orders can be returned more quickly. Larger orders, translations, and writing orders often require more time. If you have a more urgent deadline than 2-3 days, please contact us to discuss whether it can be met.

Super Rush
If you require a return in <1-2 days, please contact us to discuss with!
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