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Technology Translation  

Technology Translation

When translating your technical documents, make sure your customers understand how to use your product. The pervasiveness of science and technology today is such that technical translation has become an essential element that businesses need to address. Technical documents translation (user guides, operating instructions, handling descriptions, patents, reports, instruction sheets, etc.) is crucial nowadays for companies, especially those trying to win international market shares. The difficulty is two fold for the linguists: they have to accurately translate technical terms, but also adapt them to the local culture.

Technical Translation Services

Technical translation refers to the translation of technical documents undertaken by highly qualified and experienced professional technical writers. This often involves the translation of user guides, owner manuals or other technical texts related to specialized areas or disciplines. In order to ensure the effective practical application of scientific or technological information in the context of a foreign language, accurate technical translation of key documents is a must. Our expert translators of technical text possess the highest level of subject-area expertise and have proven their mastery of technical writing conventions and terminology. Have questions or need a free complimentary quote for translating your important technical documents? 

Technical Translation Services

Our Advantages
Field Expertise 
No one knows better how to translate your technical documents than a Native professional linguist with experience in your field. Our pool of 2000+ translators in 120+ languages includes technical translation experts from all branches of industry and technology. Our linguists are native speakers who have lived and worked in various countries around the world. In addition, they have experience within the industries that they translate for. When it involves technology translation, we have linguists specializing in specific subject matters such as manufacturing, aviation, engineering, automotive, agriculture translations, website, software, and app translations. For your projects, we’ll always assemble the best technical translation team with all the technical translation services and expertise you need.

Version Control 
Are your technical documents subject to regular updates? Our Native Language technical translation services can help in two ways here. First, we keep backup copies of your translation versions in our system, in case you need to retrieve them later. Second, and most importantly, all your translated content is stored in your translation memory database... so, if your updates involve a high volume of recycled content, you can reap major savings with our service.

Terminology Management
Does your business have a glossary of terms for your technical writing? If not, you need one, in English and in all your foreign languages. Through our technical translation terminology mining, our services will extract these terms for your approval, and your translations will be all the more consistent with your voice.


The following are examples of technical documents that we frequently translate:
• Installation, operator, maintenance and user manuals
• Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS)
• Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)
• Technical drawings
• Processes
• Patents
• Engineering texts
• Manuals for machine tools and other machines
• Descriptions and technical data sheets
• Norms
• Specifications
• Quotes
• User guides
• Technical instructions
• Instruction books

We can also translate many types of technical documents that apply to technology, science, and engineering. Among these most common documents we work on are:
• Aerospace Technology
• Agriculture
• Automotive Translation
• Aviation
• Energy
• Information Technology
• Machinery
• Manufacturing
• Nano-materials
• Robotics
• Application Guides
• Assembly Instructions
• Installation Guides
• Interface Guides
• Machinery Manuals
• Operations Manuals
• Release Notes
• Technical Papers
• Training Materials
• User Guides

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