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Tokyo 2020, an Unusual Olympics

Jul 21, 2021

Tokyo 2020, an Unusual Olympics

By Target Language Translation Services | Updated: 2021-7-21 17:00

Tokyo 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with several people having tested positive, some new rules and unusual practices have been adopted by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This stands as a reminder that, as the athletes strive for medals, everyone wins by ensuring the safety of all participants.

Winners will put on their own medals by themselves

On July 14, International Olympic Committee (IOC) chairman Thomas Bach said winners themselves will pick up their medals and put them on in order to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic. They will not shake hands or hug. Both winners and awardees are required to wear masks.

Athletes forbidden from engaging in some typical habits

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, some of the athletes' typical habits will be forbidden. For instance, Liu Guoliang, president of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, said during an interview that players will not be allowed to touch the tables by hand or towel, or blow on the balls. These behaviors are subconscious habits for table tennis players during matches.

Liu Shiwen, Chinese table tennis player, admitted it was difficult to accommodate to the new rules at first, but she has to follow them since they are implemented during Tokyo 2020.

Only three venues allow audiences, but digital measures adopted

Because of the spread of COVID-19, audiences are only allowed in three venues, which will hold track cycling and football matches. However, for those venues which have banned audience members, the IOC said they are considering using a system that can transfer the sound of applause to allow interaction with simultaneous interpretation when necessary.

Besides, according to Bach, screens with online audiences watching matches could be placed in venues, so supporters can cheer for their favorite teams. Audience members are encouraged to shoot videos and share them with the whole world. Athletes also are provided opportunities to communicate with their families and fans after matches.

New norm for media interviews

A new norm for media interviews has been instituted, keeping teams isolated in "bubbles" from the outside world over concerns for their health and safety amid the pandemic.

Two COVID-19 tests must be carried out within 96 hours before arriving in Japan. In the first 14 days after landing, media personnel cannot utilize public transport, and will only be allowed to go to the venues and business addresses submitted prior to their arrival. During their stay in Japan, they will be monitored through the GPS function of their smartphones.

The frequency of testing will be specified for various media workers, with photographers working near athletes and in the competition area requiring daily testing. Media personnel who may have contact with athletes need to be tested every four days, while those who have no contact with athletes are required to be tested every seven days.

Tokyo 2020 will be the first to build an Olympic Village using renewable materials, adopting the concepts of "reduce", "reuse" and "recycle" as one of the leading themes of the Olympic Games, reflected in many aspects of the event.

Paperboard beds stand out among the achievements. More than 100 podiums are made of waste household plastics, and the raw materials for making these podiums were collected by more than 2,000 brand chain stores in Japan. Gold, silver and bronze medals are made from recycled mobile phones.

The buildings at the Olympic Village Square, which are made of wood, will be disassembled and transported back to their "hometowns" for reuse after the Games.



This article is reprinted from China Daily.

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