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Transcription Services
Transcription Services
Transcribe any spoken message instantly! Whether you need legal transcription services for an upcoming hearing, medical transcription services to organize your records, or want an audio file transcribed into another language, Target Language Translation Services provides the best transcription services in the industry. If you are looking for a leading transcription company with the fastest turnaround, trust our team of experts with all of your linguistic needs!

Target Language Translation Services has developed a division dedicated to high-quality and cost-efficient transcription services. Unlike other transcription companies, we have the unique capability of transcribing and translating media of all types and in all languages.

From highly complex legal content to technical medical recordings, Target Language Translation Services has certified transcription specialists on-call to provide you with the services you need at the most affordable prices in the industry. We also provide rush transcription services to solve your time sensitive needs.
As with all of the services we offered, Target Language Translation Services adheres to strict confidentiality and quality standards.

Advantages in working with us
Professional Transcription Services
Target Language Translation Services provides professional transcription services in over 100 languages. 
Whether the audio or video transcription required is in English, Spanish, Italian, or any other language, our professional transcriptionists have a highly trained ear and understand the words spoken in a recording, regardless of background noise, file quality, industry jargon, or regional accents. Whether the volume is large or small, our translation agency will tailor our transcription services to meet your needs based on your project and industry. 
Transcription is often the first step in audio/video localization services. We can also do the translation of the transcription if needed. Audio/video translation services can also include multilingual subtitles, translation of the on-screen text and audio file creation. We have the capabilities to transcribe and translate multiple types of audio/video content to produce a high-quality transcription and translation of the video.  

Accurate & Complete Transcriptions
We strive to be one of the most accurate translation company in the industry. Our transcriptionists decipher the most challenging phrases, delivering 100% accurate translations, without missing a single section. We create the format requested for the transcription, including time stamps and names of the people involved. We can work around your deadline by managing time limitations on length for the translation stage. Both standard and rush services are offered. We can satisfy other requirements unique to your project

Transcriber Terminology Management
Our team of global transcribers are experienced and well versed in their languages of expertise in multiple fields including medical, market research, corporate communication, and legal. So, our terminology management glossary covers all of your industry specific terms. Plus, we connect you with a transcriptionist that is not only a specialist in the required languages, but also experienced with your particular industry.

Transcription Pricing
Target Language Translation Services’ transcription pricing is straightforward and simple. It is based on a price per minute of audio that varies depending on the language and complexity of the content of the source audio feed. If the transcription needs to be translated to another language, an additional charge will be added to the final price. As our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, there are large volume discounts and incentives for recurring customers. Ask about our volume discounts as you can save up to 50% on large projects.

All Type of Transcriptions
Depending on your specific audio translation needs, we will assign professional linguists who specialize in translating for the industry that your content relates to. Our multilingual transcription services cover a wide variety of industries, including the following:
Marketing translation and localization
E-learning and educational translation
Technical translation
Medical translation
Game translation
Financial translation
Scientific translation
television translation
digital audio and video production
interview translation
phone call translation
lecture translation
speech translation
conference calls translation
podcasts translation
focus groups translation
seminars translation
panel discussions translation
multi-person interviews translation
research interviews translation
documentary interviews translation
legal depositions translation
judicial translation
and many more.

File Types We Transcribe: 
We understand the importance of being able to work with virtually all technologies and media types. Target Language Translation Services has developed a unique ability to transcribe all types of formats including, mp3, mp4, Tapes, CDs, Video Cassettes, Mini Disc, Digital Audio, Digital Video, Audio Tape, Micro Cassettes, Mini Discs, CD/DVD, WMA, WAV, MPEG-1, -2, -4, MOV, AVI, Vorbis, AAC, AAC+, AAC+v2, MusePack, Speex, Media Audio, AMR NB/WB, RealAudio, mp3PRO, FLAC, WavPack, Monkey’s Audio (APE), OptimFrog, Audio Lossless Coding (ALS), WMA Lossless, True Audio (TTA), H.264, XviD, Theora, Flash Video, Dirac, H.263, 3ivx, RealVideo, Windows Media Video (WMV), VOB, Matroska, ASF, PMP, RealMedia, OGM, VCD.

Our technical expertise in this area will help you and your organization with efficient file transfers and, if necessary, conversion of the file formats to more user friendly formats, such as .mp3.

If you have a different file type, please let us know so that we can accommodate the requirements of your transcription project.

Our Process is as follows:
We will discuss your project requirements, including target audience, file types needed, special requirements and time limitations.
Our experienced team of linguists will listen to your file and convert the audio into written text to create the transcription. If transcription is all that is needed, it will be delivered in a Word format.
If necessary, the transcription of the audio is time-coded in relation to the video.
Once an accurate transcript has been produced, we will assign it to the professional linguist best suited for it.
The linguist will produce a well-localized, industry-appropriate translation of the transcript within time limitations.
The translation of your transcription is reviewed and proofread.
The translated transcription is submitted to our client for approval.

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