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Translation Services
Translation Services
Do you know that it is easy to get your film scripts translated? Same goes for instruction manual translations, video game localization, and certified legal translations. Whatever your translation need, we are here to help. We make it easy for you to get accurate, professional translations as soon as you need them. If you are looking for accurate, professional translation services, efficient localization and excellent DTP services, let Target Language Translation Services take charge. With numerous specialized translation departments, you can expect no less than a premium output.

Professional Translation Services You Can Trust

ISO Qualified
Furthermore, our translation company is backed up with ISO9001-2005 certification, which means that team members adhere to the industry’s rigid quality standards at all times. In order for us to live up to our promise of an outstanding service, each job is assigned to a linguist who specializes in the relevant field.

Members of the ATA
We are a member of the ATA(American Translators Association) and you can entrust us with any project, including translation for immigration in the US. We have over 2,000 linguists, we follow the strict rules and regulations imposed by the USCIS and all our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by any US institution.

Qualified Linguists
We aim to render quality work; hence our linguists and editors have been rigorously screened and selected around the world. An international translator can also help individuals understand each other despite the language gap.  We use an entirely human translation process, supported by a stringent quality policy. These professionals work for our translation agency on a full-time basis and are regarded as expert speakers of their native language. 
For your professional document translation, editing, proofreading and localization needs, look no further and leave it to us. Using advanced CAT (Computer-Aided-Translation) tools and software technology, our workflows are streamlined to translate your texts as quickly and as accurately as possible.
Target Language Translation Services will make things possible for your company by precisely conveying what has to be said in whatever language and wherever in the world it may be. All work is reviewed carefully to ensure best quality.

Global Language Services
We provide truly global language services from specialized linguists who are highly experienced in their field of expertise. 2,000 professional linguists support 550 language combinations. From Spanish to German, Italian, Arabic, and Portuguese to Haitian Creole and Tamil, we have enough resources to deal with any language.

Industry Experts
A translation should not only be written well, but should be written in the language your industry understands. When you order a translation from us, we assign the work to linguists who are experienced in your industry. We have a proven track record in many fields including technical, medical translations, legal, financial and software.

File Expertise
We provide document translation services in all file formats. This includes simple files like MS Word or Powerpoint and high-end DTP software formats like InDesign and Framemaker. If you only have a non-editable PDF file, we’ll convert it into MS Word format and retain the page layout of the original. Get an online price quote and start your translation today!

Competitive Prices
With a lot of years of experience in the translation industry you have come to the right place. We offer highly accurate translation services at the lowest rates for this level of quality without any extra cost. We do not have any rush job rates or any extra to add on. Our vision is to clearly communicate with our clients.
We charge a clear flat rate per word for all language combinations from and into English. Besides just regular document translations where most of the times we can deliver the same day, we offer certified and notarized translations. We have developed, over the past years, an amazing full efficient project management system that we adjust monthly to offer the most efficient service on the planet.
We offer competitive prices per word also for certified and notarized translations.

Live-Chat Support
Can’t wait? We are all in a hurry, right? So please contact us through Live Chat so we can give you a quote. We regularly charge per word but talk to us as maybe we can give you a better price.
What about the quality? We always use 2 translators on your project who are secure checked and tested before being a part of our group. The translators work will always be checked by a second translator who is going to double-check the work of the translator by comparing the source with the target text.
Contact us live NOW without any obligations. Questions are free!

Affordable translation services for any need!
We cover all major types of translation and language related services:

Sworn Translation Services
A document translated by a sworn linguist is printed. A sworn translation contains details like where and when the linguist translated the work and in what language pairs. Sworn linguists also endorse the documents they translate with their signature and seal. This means that the responsibility for the translation of documents lies with linguists authorized by the notary. This endorsement grants the document an official, formal status and a legal value that is equivalent to the original document.

General Document Translation
We provide document translation services with expert translators in all major fields, ready to give you the best translation experience. Whether it is medical, legal or any other specialized translation, we are here to help you.

Professional Proofreading
We also provide proofreading services that are readily available for any document or language. We are here to polish and adapt any document that you want to turn into perfection with minimal charges.
Multilingual Website Translation
Website translation done wrong has no benefits. Our team of translators along with our web specialists are ready to take your website and your business to the next level trough efficient internationalization.
Machine Translation Software
If you have large translation needs and a small budget, we may be able to use machine translation software to translate, then have our professionals refine the translation while reducing costs.
Much More translation services:
Business Translations
Visa Application
Medical Translations
Immigration Services
Phone Interpreting
In-Person Interpreting
and many more

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