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Transportation Translation Services

Transportation Translation

Transportation industries span a global market that reaches even the most remote locations.

You must convey complex information precisely and accurately, often at the speed of global travel. Every country and region have their own standards and codes. Just one wrong translation can result in transportation delays or compromised security for your equipment. Communicating technical information accurately around the world for the transportation industry requires experience and agility.

Therefore, it is critical that the transportation translation services you apply provide dependable results. You must make sure that the content is appropriately translated, ensuring the safety and smooth operation of your entire organization.

Target Language Translation is a language services agency helping transportation organizations communicate technical information to their customers and partners. We render complex information precisely and accurately into the world’s languages—we make sure that they hear and understand exactly what you communicate. We have one of the largest teams of professional translators and multilingual subject matter experts who are highly skilled at localizing software and websites, translate documentation and provide specialized interpreting services. We provide translation, localization and interpreting for all modes of transportation, including air, rail, water, cable, pipeline and space with accuracy and speed.

Why is transportation translation needed?

Like many other industries, technology innovations are assisting transportation and mobility companies in discovering new business models to accelerate business growth globally. Autonomous driving, GPS powered with 5G, AI-enabled freight deliveries, and shared transport services are redefining the transportation industry throughout the world. These technology solutions generate a large amount of content like product documentation, training courses, and regulatory documents that all need to be made available in multiple languages. This is why you need transportation translation. We help transport organizations localize transportation technologies into over 200 languages with quality and speed so they can stay ahead of the competition on international markets.

Why choose us?

Expert Translators

Target Language Translation is extremely selective in its choice of translators, interpreters, multimedia graphics professionals, localization engineers and project managers. We insist that technical information must be translated by professionals with the appropriate subject-specific background.

In addition, since we specialize in transportation translation, we have years of profound experience translating transportation specific content. Whether your content is aerospace specifications, heavy machinery instructions, automobile manuals or mechanical parts documentation. You can rely on Target Language Translation’s expert translators to precisely translate your material. We allow you to reach your intended market and focus on your business.

Streamlined Process

With each new project, Target Language Translation assigns a dedicated project manager as your single point of contact. Our project managers take the time to comprehend your needs, style and communication strategy and ask for your input throughout the translation process.

Then we choose top-notch technical translators, match them with appropriate projects, and take time to comprehend your needs in order to produce consistently excellent translations. To minimize the chances of an error or omission, we require that three pairs of expert eyes look at the translation from the beginning to the end: translator, editor and proofreader. Each is a native speaker of the target language and has the appropriate transportation industry background to ensure that every word is properly translated to match your intended audience.

Certified translation services for the transportation industry

Target Language Translation’s ISO 9001:2015 certified translation services for the transportation industry help you translate all your documentation and materials such as:

Application forms


Consent forms

Notice of denials, losses or decreases in benefits or services

Rules, regulations and requirements

Complaint forms

Notice of person’s rights under title VI

Signs, placards and notifications

Driver’s logs

Permit applications

User instructions

Intake forms

Parking regulations

Written notices of rights

MSDS and data sheets

Automobile manufacturer manuals and specifications

Global logistics instructions and manuals

Bid documentation

Bill of materials

Fleet maintenance documentation

Bills of Lading

Aircraft maintenance and mechanical training manuals

Application forms

Health and safety courses

We cover Infrastructure:


Fueling docks





Refueling depots

Truck terminals

Bus stations





Railway stations



Fuel stations

We cover all types of vehicles:













We cover all aspects of operations:




Transportation Translation

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Target Language Translation works at the intersection of science and language. This is what we do better than anybody else. Our scientists-turned-translators and our project managers understand the complexities of both technical and linguistic challenges. We provide one of the most effective, rapid and customer-focused services in the industry.

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