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How to get professional public sector translation?

August 17 , 2021

How to get professional public sector translation?

by Target Language Translation Services

- August 17, 2021

public sector translation

With numerous languages spoken in different countries throughout the world, each represents a population with their own unique customs, laws and political wants. This, coupled with the fact that there are 350+ languages spoken everyday in the United States; means it’s never been more important to be able to conduct public sector translations from the community safety announcements we’ve been seeing from governors and officials across the country during the Covid-19 pandemic to vital and often sensitive diplomatic translations to the highest standard possible.

In order to facilitate communication, public sector translation proved to be better. The work of public sector translators is crucial to guarantee smooth international relations, the availability of clear communication both between governments and to all citizens affected by the outcome of decisions. The government can obtain translation and interpreting services from professional translation agencies, professional translators, and interpreters.

How to choose translators?

To work as a public sector translator, a linguist will be held to a much higher standard of translation perfection than those working in less critical sectors. None of us want our government officials miscommunicating with each other, this could have disastrous results for not only the parties involved but entire country populations. Likewise, if translators made a mistake when translating significant public safety information for its residents, the results can spell the difference between life and death.

Translators not only need to be excellent linguists with great command of language, but they also need to be very familiar with protocols and regulations within both the source and target languages and countries. Their solid understanding and experience of often complex governmental procedures, allows them to translate precisely each and every time.

Needless to say, linguists must also have an incredibly strong work ethic and be able to work with absolute confidentiality and to exacting ethical standards, with what can be extremely sensitive information with far reaching implications. So, the next time you see a press briefing discussing diplomatic affairs or hear a public service announcement in a language other than your mother tongue, remember, it’s these public sector translations that keep the world, as we know it, turning.

Here are a few important things that can be applied to any public sector or public-facing communication.

Make clear who is your audience. Make sure you use the correct language or language variant for your audience.

Plan your budget. Work out what is affordable before you start the translation process.

Understand whether a written translation or an interpreter is required. Translation and interpreting are complementary but various, each offering in its own way a unique, highly effective solution that enhances your communications in specific circumstances.

Confirm the deadline with translators who need time to assimilate all the source documentation. They will always conduct any necessary background research into specific technical terms or services to gain a comprehensive understanding of the audience with whom you wish to communicate.

Ensure your document is complete and ready to be translated. Adding new copy or making last minute changes during translation can alter the flow of a translator’s work, leading to confusion, mistakes and, of course, costing you more money unnecessarily.

The content involves public sector can be broadly categorized into themes spanning:

•Application forms

• Welcome brochures

• Tourism guides

• Leaflets

• Multilingual website content

• Presentation slides and notes

• Infographics

• Customer service information

• Posters

• Correspondence

• Provision of interpreters

• Presidential visit documentation

• Tenancy agreements

• contracts tendered out and / or won,

• conflicts such as probes and case courts

• articles that reflect the current state or outlook of public sector demand

At Target Language Translation Language Services, with more than ten years providing public sector translation services, we have extensive experience with official diplomatic correspondence, intelligence collection and analysis, onsite interpreting for international conferences and legal proceedings and many more.

We are proud of our expert public sector translators, who help to keep our local and global communities communicating clearly and effectively every day. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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