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What is Immigration Translation Services

July 06 , 2021

What is Immigration Translation Services?

by Target Language Translation Services

- July 6, 2021

Immigration Translation Services

A certified translation is essentially a sworn statement affirming the linguist’s ability to translate a document from the original language to the English language precisely for your immigration application.

When will you need a immigration translation?

Every year the immigration body in the United States receives a number of applications from immigrants and the families of foreigners who plan to move to the U.S. If you have included any foreign language documents with your USCIS application or petition, you must submit certified translations into English. Commonly, the documents that need a translation involve: birth certificates, death certificates, passports, marriage and divorce certificates, and academic transcripts. Any foreign language documents that support your USCIS form must be translated into English with a certified translation. Failing to submit a translation at the time of the filing will probably lead in rejection or create delay.

How to get a immigration translation?

A few years ago certified translations for USCIS had to be notarized. However, nowadays the rules are different and applicants who intend to immigrate are no longer required to submit a notarized translation.

The non-English language documents can be translated by a specialized linguist and be accompanied by his/her certification.

When you are submitting non-English immigration documents to USCIS, you must prepare a copy of the original document and a word-for-word English translation of the original document with a linguist's certification. Immigration authorities require both an original copy of the document and a certified English translation. Even though immigration officers may not be able to read the original foreign language version of a document, they must still compare it with similar documents from the applicant’s home country. By doing this, your immigration officer can confirm that your documents are real and process your application.

You must submit typed translations of each of the foreign language documents you are submitting. The certification letter itself can be handwritten, but it is best to submit a typed certification letter if possible. This helps to avoid a situation where the immigration cannot read your handwriting. Processing immigration applications can take a long time, and you can avoid potential delays in processing applications by submitting typed documents.

USCIS requires that you submit a certification letter that confirms that your document’s linguist is fluent in English and the foreign language of the document. A certification should state a linguist's fluency in both English and the foreign language that they translated. The certification should also include the linguist’s full name, address, and phone number; and the linguist's signature and signing date. There is no need to find a notary - you don’t need to provide a notarized translation of the documents. As long as you submit a certification along with your translated documents, you should be fine.

Here is an example of a certification letter from the U.S. State Department that you can use:

Certification by Translator

I, [full name], certify that I am [fluent or conversant] in English and [foreign language], and that the above/attached document is an accurate translation of the enclosed document titled [name of document].




[Translator’s Full Name]

[Translator’s Address]

Immigration Translation Services

How much is a certified immigration translation?

When paying for a translation service from a translation company, costs vary among different translation companies or different countries, which depend on the document translation service, number of pages, location, and document complexity. So it’s best to check local listings and reviews before purchase. When seeking translation services, applicants should check the agency's reviews before purchasing their services. We know preparing your applicant can be difficult. Check out our free web application for assistance throughout the immigration process.

Get a Professional Translation

Target Language Translation Service keeps up with updates to immigration policies. We are aware that immigration authorities no longer request notarized translations. As a result, we prepare certified translations for those who want the translated documents for a visa application. Nevertheless, we can notarize translations upon request. If you have been asked to offer the certified and notarized translation of your foreign-language documents, please let us know. We will be happy to offer both services.

We aim to offer prompt service so that you can submit your application on time. We can translate your documents quickly without losing precision. Our linguists are meticulous and translate documents with keen attention to detail. They examine the text in the source language and choose the best words in English to convey the meaning of the original materials.

As an active member of the American Translators Association (ATA), Target Language Translation Service provides the highest level of professionalism and excellence. Our experts will certify the translation and give you the confidence that everything is right.

Immigration Translation Services


Proper document translation is a common challenge that applicants face when going through the immigration process. We hope that you will find our guide on document translation for a green card application useful.

Immigration Documents can be complicated, but working with a good immigration attorney can make it easier. Just contact to see how we can help make your life easier!

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