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What is Retail Translation?

July 23 , 2021

What is Retail Translation?

by Target Language Translation Services

- July 23, 2021

Retail Translation

With the continuously development of globalization, it is easier to do and grow business with people in countries across the world. As the companies are going global, it is vital to apply retail translation services that help consumer product companies and retailers instantly communicate and interact with their international target markets. It is not that anybody knowing a language can do the translation, you need specialized services for the best outputs. Retail translation helps you craft compelling marketing campaigns that attract new customers and ensure your existing customers continue to use your products and services - in every target language.

Retail translation encourages brand loyalty and returning customers and helps you improve your customer services. It assists you in improving your website and reaching multiple countries at a time. Retail translation gives you the chance to increase sales via a personalized experience and knowing what customers want through understanding their behavior.

Features of Retail translation

Retail translation is distinct from other types of translation services. You’ll need to work with a company that specializes in retail translation and can provide you with what you need. Here are some of the ways retail translation varies from other types of translation services.

Content & Timeliness

There’s a large amount of retailing materials that must be translated. Take into account the variety of content your company publishes: product packaging, catalogs, coupons, etc. Plus, if you have physical stores, there are advertisements, employee training materials, POS materials, and much more.

In addition, there is a very quick turnaround time. Catalogs and coupons are time-sensitive, and must be completely translated and ready to distribute in time for clients to take advantage of them. Blogs and emails may be released weekly, or even more frequently. Even product packaging and label translation is usually the last step before going to print, and by then, time is of the essence! All of these materials must be translated quickly and precisely, not only for your customers to understand, but so they will finally want to buy your products.

Rules and Requirements

In many markets, retail translations have specific government requirements that other types of translations don’t. Companies selling retail products are held strictly responsible for the precision of translations for every package and product they sell—which can number in the thousands. Trying to manage all of these translations is very challenging, and can result in a sacrifice in quality.

Centralization and Automation

In order to keep up with a hectic schedule and strict regulations, it’s necessary to make a plan in advance. Many retail product companies employ a centralized system that automates a large part of the translation process. Of course, with automation, you may think of machine translation, which can be quite unreliable, inaccurate, and out of context. This is why the best translation service providers combine automation with human expertise, to offer the best of both worlds: large amounts of timely translations, which retain the accuracy and quality of an actual human translator who can apply the use of streamlined processes and technology.

By understanding how retail translations vary from other translations, retail product companies can make sure all of their products are readily available in any market and that all accompanying materials, from small packaging to large websites, are not only well-translated, but polished and equipped to sell the highlighted product. Enlisting the help of a seasoned language service provider is a great way to ensure success in entering new markets!

Types of Retail Services

We at Target Language Translation Services provide professional translation services for all the requirements of a company. The core team has enough expertise in the translation business and has a good set of internal and external translators to execute the work at committed timelines, which are are available to you upon request:

Document Translation and Multilingual Typesetting

Web Site and Marketing Communication Translation Services

Interpretation Services (Conferences, Business Meetings, etc…)

Audio and Video Language Dubbing, Subtitling, Voice Overs

Customized Language Solutions

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