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What is sworn translation?

September 08 , 2021

What is sworn translation?

by Target Language Translation Services

- September 08 2021

sworn translation

Sworn translation has recently become very significant because of international trade, the creation of political-economic blocks, migration and tourism.

But what is it? Sworn translation is an authorized translation of a legal document or any document that needs to be accepted in a legal situation, such as university degrees, academic records, declarations, certificates of incorporation, statutes and other official documents. Sworn translations are always required when a translation is to be applied for administration purposes or governmental requirements.

There are no fixed regulations regarding sworn translations, as the requirements are dependent upon the country in which it will be applied, and therefore regulations can change based on the location. That is why we can also refer to this type of translation as certified, public or official, depending on the process utilized for translating for the target country.

Why is sworn translation significant?

When translating certain types of documents, it is necessary to have a guarantee of precision and legal recognition. Especially if you need to present these documents to an official body, such as a court, university or a notary. In such cases, a sworn translation is often mandatory.

A non-sworn translator cannot officially guarantee the precision of a translated document, as they are not certified to do so. Thus, a regular translation of such documents will hold no value in the eyes of the authorities. A sworn translator officially guarantees the precision of the translated documents by signing and stamping the documents, and assigning a unique registration number. They also offer their credentials and contact details. When submitting legal documents, a sworn translation is often obligatory.

Specific characters of a sworn translation

A sworn translation of a document includes several required elements.

--It must contain a statement to the effect that this is a “certified and true copy of the original”, along with the sworn translator's signature and seal. The translator must clearly state his or her full name, the designation “sworn translator” (or certified, etc.) and the languages for which his or her translation is sworn.

--If required, the translator's signature on a translation can be certified by the mayor in his or her local town hall. The document must make it clear that it is a translation and specify the language in which the text was originally written.

--In addition, the formatting must be as close as possible to that of the original document. Pagination must be clearly specified, and the end of the document needs to be indicated.

These precautions mentioned above help protect the content of the document by preventing fraudulent additions.

Processes of sworn translation

There are some different processes required to validate a translation based on the country where the translation originates and the country to which the final document will be delivered. Some of the most common are as follows:

• A translation can be considered officially certified if the document has been translated by a “sworn translator”. There are some countries like the Netherlands, France or Spain, where a translator becomes a sworn translator by taking an oath before a court, so that his or her translations are accepted as a full and faithful version of the original and in accordance with legal requirements. These translations also contain the translator’s signature and seal. In countries like the UK or the USA, a translation can be certified if it has been signed by the translator in the presence of a solicitor or notary; however, the solicitor or notary does not guarantee the precision of the document, instead the translator who signs it assumes all responsibility.

• A translation can also be certified by the translator or the translation company by stating their qualifications. To do so, the translator or translation company should:

--print the date of the translation

--confirm that the document is a correct and precise translation of the original document

--offer a full name and contact details of the translator or a representative of the translation company.

The translator’s role

A translator who produces a sworn, certified or notarized translation takes on a dual role. As well as acting as a translation services provider, he or she also is also involved in the official certification of the final document. The translator therefore contributes directly to the legal value of the text he or she has translated. To be certified as “sworn”, a translation must have been produced by a translation specialist who has sworn an official oath in front of a court. When the translation work is complete, the translator endorse the documents they translate with their signature and seal, which means that the translator takes full responsibility for the accuracy of the document. This endorsement grants the document an official, formal status and a legal value that is equivalent to the original document. Our legal translators are professionals with both linguistic and legal expertise and they work with lawyers, solicitors and other translators with legal experience to ensure extremely accurate texts.

Choose the right translator or agency

Different countries have different requirements. If you need to certify a document, usually you have to find a professional who has a deep and thorough understanding of the legal system. Because sworn translations require specific expertise, it’s especially significant to cooperate with a language services agency who understands the ins and outs of the sworn translation process and can connect you with a suitable translator. At Target Language Translation Services, we work with a network of qualified legal translation professionals who are ready to help you translate your documents for use in any country. If you have a sworn translation project or any questions about this topic, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

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