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Do you need label and packaging translation services?

December 20 , 2021

Do you need label and packaging translation services?

by Target Language Translation Services

- December 20 2021

advertising translation services

Packaging and label influence the clients and totally determine the implausible power for them to purchase the products and services. They esteem the look of the products and certainly the look is all that matters. A perfect label and a definite packaging of the product promise to fulfill the desires of the clients and be liable for their services.

Nowadays, in the global marketplace, the art-of-communication profits the business and at times the language barrier is the biggest one. If you want to trade around the world, having diverse cultures and relevant barriers alongside, you need to have a hold over them. It is difficult for any business to sell products globally unless the products are packaged and localized to meet the language needs of the target market. You simply need to have an explicit and specific label and packaging translation for the promotion of your products in the target language to make it understandable by the population in that particular country.

Packaging and label translation requires more than translation know-how alone. Knowing the cultural, linguistic differences in the global market is very vital to successfully promote products internationally.

At Target Language Translation, we help both retailers and manufacturers to have language appropriate labels and packaging. Our translators and proofreaders are always professional native linguists, post graduate level qualified in translation, and of relevant specialism. We have an extensive number of translator and you will work closely with one of our Project Managers as your single point of contact to help you match every project to the right translator or team of translators. We work with our clients to ensure that we use consistent terminology throughout our translation services. We also understand your time pressures, especially the impact of print deadlines, so we always deliver work on time. We follow a rigid quality control and assurance process to make sure that our clients receive the best translation services for their business and products.

Packaging and Label Translation Services

Here are some examples of our product packaging and label translation services:

User Manuals

Product Packaging

Nutrition Labels

Business Websites

Product Catalogues

Product Guarantees/Warranties

Marketing Materials

Quality Label and Packaging Translations

So how do we ensure quality?

Firstly, we choose our translators carefully. We don’t just look at language. Their specialist experience is important to us. We also train and develop our team.

Secondly, we use consistent terminology. We keep back copies of all your translations, and refer to them when we do new work. Nothing is more annoying than two products side by side, with different translations for the same phrase.

Thirdly, we are ISO: 9001 certified for translation services. Our certification is more than a badge, we always want to improve and get better at what we do.

Fourthly, we rigorously quality check all our work. We also use glossaries and relevant reference material.


If you are planning to launch a range of products and flourish in the new market in a foreign country, you will need to package your products and give them a perfect label for defining a marketing strategy. Moreover, to differentiate the product from the competing ones, a characterized plan is to be considered to label it and for packaging.

Contact us today to learn more about our professional label and packaging translation, which is at a fast rate and is very cost-efficient. Let’s eliminate the language barrier between you and your clients!

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