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Why is translation important in energy oils & gas indutries?

August 19 , 2021

Why is translation important in energy oils & gas indutries?

by Target Language Translation Services

- August 19, 2021

energy oils & gas indutries

Rather few global industries are as critical as energy and power technologies. Making sure that the world has adequate power is more than a modern convenience; nowadays, it has become life- and lifestyle- sustaining. People's scientific, medical, communications and transportation infrastructures depend on reliable and uninterrupted power supplies. While energy production technologies have expanded to different renewable and non-traditional sources. Still, most of the world remains reliant on mining coal, drilling for oil and pumping natural gas.

The oil and gas industries operate on a global scale and connect some of the world’s largest countries. As the oil and gas industry evolves we have seen a resurgence in new exploration activity ranging from Canada, China, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, Suriname, Venezuela, Greenland, Angola, Norway to name but a few. This growth has in turn brought a large demand for professional translation services in the energy, mining, oil and gas industries. However, the implications for an oil and gas translator to make the wrong decision when it comes to localizing the content are usually magnified.

Choosing an experienced translation expert like Target Language Translation Services is critical to companies serving the energy sector, as oil and gas translation is one of the most difficult types of technical translation.

When are professional translating services needed in the energy industry?

Here are just a few of the main operational stages that will need specialized translation services in the energy, oil and gas industries. Clearly, all communication among differing native language speakers should ideally be professionally translated to ensure complete understanding. Contracting a professional language service provider mitigates the many risks inherent in miscommunications for these industries.

Accurate Communication: Guaranteeing precise communication and thorough comprehension of all the contractual details is significant in the oil and gas industry. The scale of operations and size of the financial transactions is simply too large to risk miscommunications.

Project Management: Project managers are responsible for every stage of infrastructure construction and maintenance, transportation and distribution. Excellent communication between all stakeholders is the only way to make sure projects are on schedule and within budget.

Compliance Required: Industry standards as well as national and local governments' requirements  made for protecting its citizens and the environment can be hard to understand and comply with when written in multiple languages across geographic borders. Having a team of professional translators is imperative for producing compliant materials and reports.

Environmental, Health, Safety Planning: Except basic compliance with mandatory regulations, the energy, oil and gas industries have a responsibility to protect the earth and every person in contact. Plans and procedures need to be in place to prepare for any and all unexpected situations which must be understood by everyone who reads them in every language your employees and partners speak.

At Target Language Translation Services, we have more than a decade of experience in providing high-quality energy, oil and gas translation and interpretation services in more than 200 languages. Among the many types of energy, oil and gas translation and interpretation projects we have completed are:

User & Maintenance Manuals

Exploration Surveys & Reservoir Surveys

Government Regulations

Health & Safety Guidelines

Renewable Energy

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Strategic Assessments

Upstream & Downstream Documentation (Exploration, Production, Refining, Commercialization)

Oil & Gas Transportation Documentation

We have a team of professional linguists who are among the best in the business and are experts not only in foreign language translation and interpretation but also in the energy, oil and gas industry. Additionally, due to the highly technical nature of many energy, oil and gas translations, we also provide specialized desktop publishing tools such as AutoCAD to incorporate technical diagrams.

Our energy industry experts are available  to assist with your translation projects. Let’s get started; contact us today!

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