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Hungarian Translation

Hungarian Translation

Certified Hungarian to English translations are most often required for submission to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). However, many other institutions such as courts, universities and state and federal agencies may request a certified translation from Hungarian to English of documents originally in Hungarian.
Target Language Translation Services has been to offer high quality, inexpensive translations from and to Hungarian prepared with personal attention to our clients, quick turnaround time on par with the "big" agencies, and total discretion.
Everything is translated by a fully bilingual Hungarian/English linguist. All our certified translations from Hungarian are delivered with a certificate of accuracy that includes the linguist’s signature and the signature of one of the company’s legal representatives.

Hungarian-speaing areas

Map of regions where those whose native language is Hungarian represent a majority (dark blue) or a substantial minority (light blue).

About Hungarian
Hungarian is an Ugric language with about 13 million speakers (in 2012) in Hungary (Magyarország), Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Slovakia. There are also many people of Hungarian origin in the UK and other European countries, the USA, Canada and Australia.
Hungarian is a highly inflected language in which nouns can have up to 238 possible forms. It is related to Mansi, an Ob-Ugric language with about 4,000 speakers who live in the eastern Urals, and Khanty or Ostyak, the other Ob-Ugric language which is spoken by about 15,000 people in the Ob valley of western Siberia.
The earliest written text in Hungarian was a funeral oration (halotti beszéd) written in 1196, and the first complete book to be printed in Hungarian, Az zenth Paal leueley magyar nyeluen (The letters of Saint Paul in the Hungarian language) by Benedek Komjáti, was published in 1533 in Kraków in Poland. Hungarian literature flourished during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Hungarian alphabet (magyar ábécé) and pronunciation

Hungarian alphabet (magyar ábécé) and pronunciation

Q (kú), W (dupla vé), X (iksz) and Y (ipszilon) are also used, but only in foreign loanwords.

Hungarian Translation

Did You Know?
These words came into English from Hungarian, sometimes by way of other languages.
coach---‘large carriage’, from Middle French coche, from German kotsche, from Hungarian kocsi ‘carriage’ of Kocs, the village where it was first made
goulash---from Hungarian gulyashus, from gulyas ‘herdsman’ + hus ‘meat’. It refers to ‘beef or lamb soup made by herdsmen while pasturing’.
paprika---from Hungarian paprika
saber---‘single-edged sword’, from French sabre ‘heavy, curved sword’, from German Sabel, probably ultimately from Hungarian szablya ‘saber’, literally ‘tool to cut with,’ from szabni ‘to cut’.

How much does a translation into Hungarian cost?
The standard rate for translations from English into Hungarian is $ 0.12. For urgent jobs that need several linguists working simultaneously, we will apply a surcharge.

Just contact us to get more information and a no-obligation quote. Our project managers can be reached via telephone, email, or the form. We look forward to serving you.

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