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Malaysian Translation

Malaysian Translation

Target Language Translation Services provides professional English to Malay certified translation services. We make use of best localization practices to provide a precise BM to English translation which is relevant to the specific target audience in various industry fields; our best practices involve hiring senior linguists to translate English to BM and Subject-Matter Experts with both local and international experience for global solutions suited for clients and customers worldwide.Each linguist specialize within a designated field of translation to make sure they are familiar with the required terminology of the subject matter e.g. Marketing, I.T, Technology, Legal, Finances, Travel Hospitality, Oil and Gas and so forth. Meanwhile, we always assign both a linguist and an editor which is considered a best practice within the localization industry to ensure a perfect result.Our English editors have the skills to seamlessly translate Malay to English with a perfect result.

Malaysia countries



  Singapore and Brunei, where Malay is an official language

  East Timor, where Indonesian is a working language

  Southern Thailand and the Cocos Isl., where other varieties of Malay are spoken

About Malaysian
Malay is a Malayic language spoken in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. The total number of speakers of Standard Malay is about 18 million. There are also about 170 million people who speak Indonesian, which is a form of Malay.
The earliest known inscriptions in Malay were found in southern Sumatra and on the island of Bangka and date from 683-6 AD. They were written in an Indian script during the time of the kingdom of Srivijaya.
When Islam arrived in southeast Asia during the 14th century, the Arabic script was adapted to write the Malay language. In the 17th century, under influence from the Dutch and British, the Arabic script was replaced by the Latin alphabet.

Latin alphabet for Malay (Tulisan Rumi)

Latin alphabet for Malay

Malay pronunciation

Malay pronunciation

• a = [ə] at the ends of words, [a] elsewhere
• v and x are only used in loanwords.
• q is used in Arabic loanwords.
• i and u are pronounced [e] and [o] respectively in close positions, such as ih, ik.

Jawi alphabet (توليسن جاوي‎)
The Jawi alphabet (Tulisan Jawi) is a way to write Malay, and Indonesian, with a version of the Arabic alphabet. It is one of the official scripts in Brunei. It is used in religious and cultural administration in Malaysia. In the states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang is has co-official status and business have to use Jawi on signs. Jawi is sometimes used by Muslims in Indonesia and Thailand.

Jawi alphabet

Did You Know?

There are several common English words that came from Malay. Among them are the following:

English word                             from Malay
amok                                         amuk ‘attacking furiously’
bamboo                                    probably from samambu
batik                                          probably from amba ‘to write’ + titik ‘dot, point’
camphor                                    kapur ‘camphor tree’
cockatoo                                    kakatua, name of the bird
gecko                                         gekoq, possibly imitation of the noise made by the lizard
gong                                          gong, probably imitation of its sound
junk                                            jong ‘ship, large boat’
ketchup                                      kichap ‘brine of fish’ (from a Chinese Amoy dialect)
orangutan                                   orang utan, literally ‘man of the woods’, from orang ‘man’ + utan ‘forest, wild’
paddy                                         padi ‘rice in the straw’, i.e., ground where rice is grown
rattan                                         rotan, from raut ‘to trim, strip’
sarong                                        sarung ‘sheath, covering’

How much does a translation into Malaysian cost?
The standard rate for translations from English into Malaysian is $ 0.12. For urgent jobs that need several linguists working simultaneously, we will apply a surcharge.

Just contact us to get more information and a no-obligation quote. Our project managers can be reached via telephone, email, or the form. We look forward to serving you.

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