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Simplified Chinese

Simplified Chinese

Target Language Translation Services only uses established and experienced linguists in Simplified Chinese to English and English to Simplified Chinese translation services. Our customers consistently receive a high level of quality and accuracy for professional Simplified Chinese translations, which is further ensured by our ISO certified translation processes to guarantee our commitment to quality and performance.
When a customer has a request for English to Chinese translations, there are two key questions that we ask: ‘Who is the target audience?’  and more specifically: ‘Where is the target audience located?’ This is due to the differences between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Most Chinese characters look complicated to the outside observer, but not all characters are created equal. There are two main Chinese writing systems, traditional and simplified.
Traditional characters are based on historical Chinese writing systems with roots tracing back millennia, whereas simplified characters are those same traditional characters, but with many simplified so that they are easier to read and write.
Despite being invented in mainland China, simplified characters are also used elsewhere. Children studying in mainland China, Malaysia, and Singapore all learn simplified Chinese characters. It wouldn’t be shocking to see simplified characters being used in Hong Kong or Taiwan either, and even some Japanese Kanji resemble simplified Chinese. While traditional characters were once the only choice for books and texts, nowadays the majority of the contemporary Chinese text is simplified.

Simplification processes
About 2,000 characters have been simplified in a number of various ways. Many simplified characters are based on commonly used abbreviations, some of which have been in use in cursive forms of the Chinese script since the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC).
Here are some ways in which characters have been simplified:

Simplified characters based on cursive versions
•       書→书 (shū) = book, to write, letter, document
•       長→长 (cháng) = long, length, strong point
•       當→当 (dāng) = should, in front of, to act as, deserve
•       樂→乐 (lè) = happy, to take pleasure in, to laugh
•       車→车 (chē) = vehicle, wheel, machine
•       興→兴 (xìng) = excitement
•       東→东 (dōng) = east, owner, host
Simplified characters based on obscure or ancient variants
•       塵→尘 (chén) = dirt, the material world
•       從→从 (cóng) = to follow, comply with, particpate in, follower, subordinate, from
•       眾→众 (zhòng) = many, crowd
•       雲→云 (yún) = cloud, to say
•       網→网 (wǎng) = net, web, network, to net
•       無→无 (wú) = to not have, not
•       電→电 (diàn) = electricity, to get an electric shock
Simplified characters made by removing radicals
•       麼→么 (ma/me) = an adverb affix
•       開→开 (kāi) = to open
•       關/関→关 (guān) = to close
•       裡/裏→里 (lǐ) = inside, in
Simplified characters made by retaining the radical
•       廣→广 (guǎng) = broad, numerous
•       親→亲 (qīn) = parent, relative - phonetic component =
•       產→产 (chǎn) = to give birth, produce
•       廠→厂 (chǎng) = factory, works
Simplified characters made by replacing part with a simple arbitary symbol
•       對→对 (duì) = correct, normal
•       難→难 (nán) = hard, bad
•       風→风 (fēng) = wind, trend, scene, manner
•       這→这 (zhè) = this

How much does a translation into Simplified Chinese cost?
The standard rate for translations from English into Simplified Chinese is $ 0.07. For urgent jobs that need several linguists working simultaneously, we will apply a surcharge.

Just contact us to get more information and a no-obligation quote. Our project managers can be reached via telephone, email, or the form. We look forward to serving you.

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