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Uzbek Translation

Uzbek Translation

If you need your documents translated from Uzbek into English, or another language. Not to worry, we have you covered! We have the capabilities to translate your documents into over 100 languages. Whether you need live Uzbek interpreting or a single document translation, we have expert teams with specializations to meet your needs. Our high-quality Uzbek translation services, by human linguists, will give you the clarity and accuracy that you need to get your ideas across.

Uzbek-speaking areas

Dark blue = majority; light blue = minority

About Uzbek

Uzbek is a Turkic language spoken by about 30 million people mainly in Uzbekistan, and also in Afghanistan, Turkey. There are two main varieties of Uzbek: Northern Uzbek and Southern Uzbek. They are to some extent mutually intelligible, although there are differences in grammar and vocabulary.

Northern Uzbek (ўзбек тили‎ / o’zbek tili) is spoken mainly in Uzbekistan, and also in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkemenistan, Kazakhstan and China. There are 22.2 million speakers of Northern Uzbek in Uzbekistan (in 2015), 927,000 in Tajikistan (in 2012), 840,000 in Kyrgyzstan (in 2014), 478,000 in Turkmenistan (in 2015), 436,000 in Kazakhstan (in 2009) and 5,000 in China (in 2000). There are also about 400,000 speakers of Uzbek in Russia. The language is taught in schools and used in the media in Uzbekistan. It is also known as o'zbek, o'zbekcha or Özbek.

Since the 1990s fluency in Uzbek has been a requirement for citizenship of Uzbekistan, and also for government jobs. There has also been a trend to replace Russian and other international words with their Turkic equivalents.

Southern Uzbek (ﯣزبېک‎ [o’zbek]) is spoken mainly in northern Afghanistan. In 2011 there were about 2.9 million speakers in Afghanistan, and another 3,800 speakers in Turkey. Southern Uzbek is written with the Arabic script, is taught in schools, and used in literature and the media. It is also known as O'zbek, Usbeki, Uzbak or Uzbeki.

Written Uzbek

An early form of Uzbek, known as Chagatai (one of the sons of Genghis Khan) and written with the Arabic script, emerged as a literary language in the 14th century. A version of the Latin alphabet replaced the Arabic script in 1927, and was in turn replaced by the Cyrillic alphabet in 1940.

In 1993 the government of Uzbekistan decided to switch to the Latin alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet is still widely used, however, particularly for adverts and signs. Some publications, such as newspapers, use a mixture of the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. The Arabic alphabet is still used in Afghanistan and China. A revised version of the Latin alphabet for Uzbek was introduced in Uzbekistan in 2019.

Arabic alphabet for Uzbek (ئۇزبېك الفباسى)

Arabic alphabet for Uzbek (ئۇزبېك الفباسى)

Cyrillic alphabet for Uzbek (ўзбек алифбоси)

Arabic alphabet for Uzbek (ئۇزبېك الفباسى)

Latin alphabet for Uzbek (o’zbek alifbosi) - 2019 version

Latin alphabet for Uzbek (o’zbek alifbosi) - 2019 version


• a = [ʲa] after g and k

• i = [ɨ] in the middle and at the end of words, [i] elsewhere

• f = [p] in the middle and at the end of words

• q changes to g' when in a two-syllable noun with a genitive pronoun ending, e.g. o'rtoq+im > o'rtog'im

• t is silent when end of a two-syllable word, for example do'st [do's], past [pas], daraxt [darax]

• u = [ʲu] after g and k

• at the end of words, b, v, g, d, z are devoiced.

• the apostrophe after a vowel indicates that the vowel is long, e.g. ra'no [ra:no]. After a consonant it indicates that the consonant is followed by a brief breath or no sound, e.g. san'at [san#at]. In Russian loanwords it is used to indicate that a consonant is not have a palatal.

• j and v are used in foreign loanwords (mainly from Russian), and in a few native Uzbek words.

How much does a translation into Uzbek cost?

The standard rate for translations from English into Uzbek is $ 0.11. For urgent jobs that need several linguists working simultaneously, we will apply a surcharge.

Just contact us to get more information and a no-obligation quote. Our project managers can be reached via telephone, email, or the form. We look forward to serving you.

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