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Why are Automotive Translation Services so vital in the Auto Sector?

June 25 , 2021

Why are Automotive Translation Services so vital in the Auto Sector?

by Target Language Translation Services

- June 25, 2021

Automotive Translation

German car manufacturer Audi partnered with renowned fashion designer Stella McCartney to demonstrate its pure electric etron GT quattro sedan. The Design Shanghai 2021 fair, held from June 3-6, highlighted the luxury car brand's focus on forward-looking and sustainable solutions.

"The theme of this year's design fair-Regenerative design comes to China and the world-is an excellent fit for Audi," said Audi Brand Vice-President Henrik Wenders.

Last year, the carmaker launched a series of communication campaign and innovative marketing events to refresh its visual systems, user image, experience platform and digital interactive experience sectors.

This year, FAW-VW Audi launched an official livestream platform Audi Channel and e-tron fan community, Audi TRON, to strengthen connections with the young generation.

According to the carmaker, it will continue the brand transformation with an upgraded product lineup and more marketing events.

FAW-VW Audi said it will launch 10 electric models, including four produced in China by 2022.

It's obvious that professional automotive translation takes a great part in Audi's sustainable development worldwide. The automotive industry is truly one of the globalized industries come to mind. Because the automotive industry is almost 100 percent globalized, auto corporations have over the decades developed specialties in the sector’s auto corporations chain.

We are reaching a situation whereby the industry is totally globalized in both theory and practice and thus the sector requires that all content should be professionally translated into the different languages of the countries where the supply chain activities take place.

The auto industry is also firmly connected with the day-to-day lives of people in the vast majority of nations around the world. There will be communication between cars, cars to a bigger content ecosystem, cars to vehicle occupants, cars to the outside world, the outside world to the inside world, cars to the office, office to cars, cars to home, home to cars and so on and on. The time that drivers and passengers spend in the car would be a big opportunity for radical services, content avenues, revenue streams, new services and on-demand offerings.

Therefore, with globalization redefining the outlines of the automotive supply chain, automotive translation services are being incorporated as one main element of the automotive industry processes and workflows. In a nutshell, for the automotive enterprises to do business on a global scale, all content ─ marketing content, advertising materials, computer systems, customer service, financial contacts, and legal documents ─ will require professional automotive translation.

If you are in the auto industry and are looking for someone who can translate with an eye on creating value that a customer would willingly pay for, please contact Target Language Translation Services. Allow us to be your partner in translating your automotive content, from marketing materials to technical documentation. We offer language services which guarantee accuracy, high quality and cost-effectiveness.

This article is reprinted from China Daily, Future Trans and Summa Linguae.

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