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Why do I translate a web page?

June 23 , 2021

Why do I translate a web page?

by Target Language Translation Services

- June 23, 2021

website translation

A screenshot of the website., an online platform dedicated to helping small and medium-sized Chinese enterprises go global, is targeting smaller language markets as the website believes those markets could be the emerging opportunities for SMEs.

For instance, the Russia Special Purchasing Fair was just successfully held by the website. This fair focused on the Russian market with textile supplies and the garment industry as the main focus, which has long been in short supply in Russia for many years, attracting more than 30 Russian buyers and more than 90 supplier enterprises to participate.

With years of experience in cross-border trade, has since 2012 successively launched 10 multilingual sites -- in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, German, Arabic, Korean and Japanese -- to provide Chinese suppliers with multichannel promotion, multilingual translation and multilingual livestreaming services in the smaller language market and facilitate the development of the market for Chinese suppliers.

The stable and prosperous development of the website also shows that in the content economy, it is vital to make your content available across all languages as fast as possible. Content is the cornerstone of modern marketing and plays a significant role in growing your business.

Today’s marketplace is global, and, to avoid limiting your business’s reach and growth potential, your website content must be available in as many of the most widely utilized languages as possible. Although English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and many people read and understand it, cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and distortions of your message. A professional translation is a necessary step to properly represent your brand internationally.

More than translation, your content must be localized to adopt the cultural norms and values of your international target audience. As for website localization, it is more than the translation of your website into the local language of your target audience, which are able adapt images to appeal to local audiences, ensure the website page layout supports the localized site language format, update units of measurement and include cultural norms and values from the localized region.

It is common to see websites natively designed for local audiences to be more popular than their international counterparts, such as Baidu being more popular than Google in China. The primary goal of localization is to make sure that the product/service or content being provided on your website looks and feels like it was originally created for the target market it is localized for.

This article is reprinted from China Daily and Smartcat.

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